August 01, 2007

Engineering school appoints faculty director for undergraduaate recruiting and student life


Case School of Engineering Dean Norman C. Tien has appointed longtime faculty member Joseph M. Prahl as the School of Engineering's (CSE) first-ever faculty director for undergraduate recruiting and student life. Prahl will be responsible for providing leadership and direction for enhancing the Case experience for prospective and current undergraduate students.

On the recruiting front, Prahl will serve as a point person with the university's Office of Undergraduate Admission and represent the school at recruiting activities both on and off campus. Prahl successfully recruited students to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering during his 15 years as chair. He will use this experience to develop and implement schoolwide and department-level recruiting objectives and tactics.

Regarding student life, Prahl will work with students, faculty and staff across campus—as well as representatives from the Case Alumni Association—to develop student programming and enhance the academic advising process. He also will serve as the faculty liaison for the engineering school's existing signature student event, the annual E-Week celebration.

The position addresses two of Tien's strategic objectives for the school: increasing the quantity and diversity of top engineering students choosing Case and improving the overall student experience.

"During his 15 years as department chair, Joe also was able to foster an incredible sense of community among his students and faculty," Tien said. "We’re asking him to take these successes to the next level and apply them to the entire CSE community."

A Case faculty member for nearly 40 years, Prahl graduated in 1960 from Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. He received a bachelor's degree from Harvard College in 1963 and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Harvard University in 1968. Since arriving at Case in 1968, he has received numerous awards from students and colleagues for teaching excellence.

Apart from academia, Prahl has a longstanding research affiliation with NASA. His association with Cleveland's NASA Glenn Research Center began in 1970. He served as a payload specialist at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., from 1990 to 1992 during a leave of absence from the university. He was a backup payload specialist for the United States Microgravity Laboratory, which flew on the space shuttle Columbia in June 1992.

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