September 06, 2007

Mandel School, Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations both dedicated to community service

As part of the 2007 Case for Community Day—being held this year on Friday, September 21—Case Daily will feature community outreach initiatives being conducted at each of the university's colleges, as well as several campus centers and departments.

Mandel School provides resources, information to tackle social problems


At the very core of the mission of the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University is a commitment to community service at all levels. Its graduates take their place among social workers, advocates, activists, teachers, trainers and leaders who consistently work toward the improvement of the lives of others and of the communities in which they work.

The commitment to community starts before Mandel School students even graduate, when they begin their field placements—genuine and meaningful roles in real–world environments during which they help social service agencies and nonprofit organizations meet the needs of their clients and their communities.

Each student participates in 24 hours of such work per week. Mandel School students have been placed in more than 350 sites in recent years, most of them in Greater Cleveland. That adds up to tens of thousands of hours of service to the community each year from just one school at Case Western Reserve.

The Mandel School also houses a number of research centers that work to make their research relevant to the daily lives of people in need. One such center, the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, conducts research on the conditions and causes of poverty, and brings the results and data to public policy makers, community activists and neighborhood residents.

The center also provides direct technical assistance and important data to organizations and individuals who are working in their own neighborhoods, so that decisions made at all levels have a basis in evidence and are therefore more effective. The center's online community data resource, NEO CANDO, which contains detailed demographic information on 17 Northeast Ohio counties, is used by countless nonprofits and community development agencies to identify problems, locate assets and inform their allocations of resources.

The spirit of community involvement at the Mandel School also extends to its staff. One recent initiative was the Butler Dictionary Project. Prompted by the social work school's custodian, Dennis Butler, the school's Harris Library staff led an effort to provide dictionaries for students at the Cleveland elementary school where Dennis's son attends.

From the personal level, to the neighborhood level, to the global level, the Mandel School's commitment to community remains central to the very purpose of the school.

Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations assists nonprofits and leaders working with youth

In addition to offering one of the nation's most fully developed, highly ranked graduate programs in nonprofit management, the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations also serves as an important resource for Cleveland's extensive nonprofit community.

The Mandel Center's professional development programs provide substantive content grounded in the latest research and support that enables participants to apply their knowledge to make meaningful positive changes in their workplace.

A few of the programs offered include:

Adults looking to engage K-12 youth in philanthropy and service-learning projects can find valuable resources and support through the Youth Philanthropy and Service program. The services fall into three categories: training and networking, knowledge dissemination and professional support.

The Treu-Mart Youth Development Fellowship Program provides assistance and professional development for those who work with youth during non-school hours. Fellows benefit from the program by receiving the services of a coach who is an experienced youth professional, participating in fellow directed problem-solving sessions and interacting with a network of professionals engaged in similar work.

Nonprofit organizations receive assistance with short-term projects such as marketing, fundraising and special events from Mandel Center students through the center's externship program.

Nonprofit agencies also receive assistance from students through Mandel Center class projects. One example is the two-semester Strategic Planning Practicum where student teams assist selected organizations in designing and carrying out their strategic planning processes.

For more information, contact Kimyette Finley at 216.368-0521.

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