September 11, 2007

Case TV Launches Version 2.0, Campus Community Can Upload Own Videos


Case TV, the archive for streaming the university's video assets, has launched Version 2.0, which allows the campus community to upload their own videos.

"We archive videos on a regular basis, but now student groups, departments and centers can upload their own content," said Michael Kubit, director of MediaVision. "In some ways, this provides a forum for the university similar to YouTube, and provides some of the same community linking as Case Wiki and the blogs."

Kubit said the new version of Case TV is a natural progression. "A lot of people have camcorders, but the technology to upload their videos isn't always readily available. We figured this would give them another option," he explained. "We hope the campus community finds this helpful, and hopefully it will catch on," he added.

In order to use the new feature, users will have to enter their Case ID and password, and are then instructed on submission guidelines.

The video uploading mechanism is intended to be a networking tool for the campus community, and Kubit said if the content is something the campus could benefit from, it's probably eligible. For example, student groups could post videos from their meetings and events, or a faculty or staff member could post items that feature classes and helpful information. Interviews with alumni and others of interest could be posted. Even a campus member who has a hobby that might be of general interest could consider submitting a video.

With the feature now available to the campus community, MediaVision is aware that a variety of content might be uploaded by the campus community. However, because this is an academic environment, many voices will be heard and represented. "Our role is to provide the enabling technology, not police the content," Kubit explained. However, if a particular clip is deemed inappropriate by those that monitor acceptable use, assets can be removed.

Case TV launched last January with Version 1.0, which currently features over 300 selections, including lecturers who have spoken at the university; department or student-sponsored events; student items such as Undergraduate Student Government meetings and Career Center tours and information; class lectures; athletics; and entertainment. Departments and student organizations request video taping services for specific events, and MediaVision includes most of these items on the network.

Eventually, Version 3.0 will include a 24-7 Web cast channel featuring a combination of live and previously recorded programming.

For more details, visit the Web site or contact Media Vision at 368-3777.

For more information contact Kimyette Finley, 216.368.0521.

Posted by: Kimyette Finley, September 11, 2007 10:26 AM | News Topics: Campus Life, Events, Technology

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