September 11, 2007

College of Arts and Sciences Engages in Community Outreach


The College of Arts and Sciences houses several community outreach programs that involve active participation of students, faculty and staff.

Several of these programs, conducted by the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, focus on outreach to educators and middle and high school students:

  • The Cleveland Mathematics and Science Partnership, developed with support from the National Science Foundation, offers laboratory-based summer courses for math and science teachers from the Cleveland Municipal Schools.
  • For middle and high school students, there is the Northeast Ohio Regional Science Olympiad, a series of interscholastic competitions hosted by the university since 1987. Each year, teams representing dozens of schools participate in more than 35 science and engineering events coordinated by Case Western Reserve faculty, staff and students.
  • The JASON Project enables students to learn about wetlands, rain forests, and the mysteries of the Earth and Mars through virtual expeditions.
  • The Equinox and Spectrum programs, conducted in cooperation with Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development, enable precollege students to immerse themselves in a higher education environment. Spectrum is a commuter program serving students in grades 7-9; Equinox, which has a residential option, serves students in grades 9-12. Course offerings include Creative Writing, Introduction to Gaming Design, and Persuasion and Debate. For the past two years, the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation has funded scholarships for students from the Cleveland school system to participate.
  • The college affirms its commitment to environmental community service through the Squire Valleevue Farm School Visitation Program, an intensive fieldwork opportunity for middle and high school students that focuses on environmental science and ecology. The program, developed with support from the college, the Department of Biology and the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, is led by Ana Locci.

Read more about the college and its community outreach initiatives.

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