March 19, 2008

Case Western Reserve University MFA candidates present dance works

Students perform thesis dance concert, No Boundary


Case Western Reserve University Master of Fine Arts candidates Heather Koniz and Sheau-Feng Luo will present their thesis dance concert, "No Boundary," March 27-29, at 8 p.m. with a matinee performance on Sunday, March 30 at 2:30 p.m. at the Mather Dance Center, 11201 Bellflower Rd.

The concert culminates the dancers' experiences as graduate students in the Case Western Reserve theater and dance department and features six works that explore intimate issues. Each has staged a program that showcases their talents as dancers and choreographers.

Sheau-Feng Luo

Luo's program leads off with the choreography of The Day of Tears, a group dance with three distinct but continuous sections—"Mortal World," "Entreat and Revive" and "Sublimation." The piece explores the life of aborigines in mid-20th century Taiwan and the exceptionally difficult challenges they faced due to social and economic changes. The dance is set to music by Tan Dun and Arturs Maskats.

Fusion, a solo work, continues Luo's program. This dance fuses Chinese folk dance with contemporary Western modern dance influences. The piece features music by Alan Hovhaness, which has both straightforward melodies and diverse harmonious rhythms.

Heather Koniz

Koniz's program features the solo work, Water Bound Fury, an exploration of dynamic range and risk taking. The dance features energetic expressions of movement. The music of John Cage accompanies this look at the development of artistic self.

Tobi Roppo, a dance choreographed by Sabatino Verlezza, with music by Elliot Sokolov, Mike Oldfield and Francisco Tarrega, rounds out Koniz's program. Originally choreographed in 1986 and premiering at The Field in New York City with Larkspur Dance Theater, the work has since received critical acclaim and remained a timeless, awe-inspiring work of art. It explores the human condition of war, flight, psychological displacement and rebirth.

General admission is $10, with discounted prices of $7 for adults over 60 and Case personnel, and $5 for students. For ticket reservations or information, call the box office for the Department of Theater and Dance at 216-368-6262.

For more information contact Susan Griffith, 216.368.1004.

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