April 07, 2008

Case School of Dental Medicine looking for 250 youth who need braces

And might qualify for discounted treatment through Case's Orthodontics Program


Does your child need braces? The Department of Orthodontics at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine' is recruiting 250 youth between the ages of 11 and 16 and who qualify to participate as patients in the dental school's discounted braces program that begins in July 2008.

Normally braces costs $5,000 or more, but Case will treat youth for $2500. Each youth will have a team that includes both a faculty and a resident orthodontist in the school's graduate programs that trains licensed dentists as specialists in orthodontics, according to Dr. Dennis Beeson, director of the orthodontic clinic on the ground floor of the Case School of Dental Medicine at Cornell Road and Emergency Drive in University Circle.

Patients will have the benefit of the most current and newest practices in correcting abnormal alignment of the teeth and jaw.

In April, the dental school will take molds imprints of the teeth, x-rays and examine teeth to create a treatment plan. When the new residents begin in July, they will begin to carry out the treatment plan and continue with the patient for two years—the average time the youth will wear their braces. Once the braces come off and the patient is in the retainer stage, they will be seen by various dental doctors in the orthodontics department.

To qualify as a patient, the youth must have lost all baby teeth, and their orthodontic needs must fall within a spectrum of needs.

For those with extremely difficult conditions, they will be referred to Case's specialty dental clinic to assist in their treatment. For those with minor problems, they will be referred to their family dentist—or if they do not have a family dentist, they can seek care in the regular dental clinic at Case or by a member in the Case Faculty Practice.

Those accepted as patients will be treated every four to six weeks in the first two years by the same faculty-resident team. These patients are seen in the morning hours Monday through Thursday, which may require some missed school time during the academic year.

The parents or guardians must give a nonrefundable $100 deposit, which is applied toward the $2500 fee which is due when treatment begins for this group of youth in July 2008. The dental school will work with parents to receive reimbursement through the family's dental insurance plans.

Parents or guardians interested in having their children participate in the program should call 216-368-3249 or email ortho@case.edu for more information.

Posted by: Heidi Cool, April 7, 2008 11:04 AM | News Topics: Community Outreach, HeadlinesMain, Healthcare, Provost Initiatives, School of Dental Medicine, features

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