April 29, 2008

University Releases Details of Upcoming Yearlong Celebration of Darwin

Charles Darwin

Case Western Reserve University is planning a yearlong celebration to help mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth—and the 150th anniversary of the publication (November 24, 1859) of his influential book On the Origin of Species—and has launched a Web site with the first details of events to be conducted on campus from fall 2008 to summer 2009.

To celebrate the Year of Darwin—in honor of the British naturalist who proposed that evolution was the process by which current species change over time and new species arise—Case Western Reserve will host a series of lectures that demonstrate the importance and wide applicability of evolutionary ideas and approaches in varied spheres of intellectual and practical endeavor. Annual university events will adopt this theme and faculty may incorporate related issues into their courses. Details on the Darwin Celebration are now available online.

Among speakers to appear on campus between August, 2008 and April 2009, will be E.O Wilson, an eminent evolutionary biologist and popular writer who has won two Pulitzer Prizes, and Sean B. Carroll, who uses genetics and molecular biology to understand the evolution of animal form.

As part of the educational mission of the Case Darwin Celebration, the university is also looking to build an online archive of evolution-related essays.

Every Case faculty member is invited to submit an essay addressing how evolution or evolution-related ideas relate to his or her research or scholarship. Essays should be about 500 to 800 words in length and accessible to the general public. Members of the Darwin Planning Committee will review the essays. Those submissions deemed to contribute to the overall mission of effectively communicating the range of application of Darwinian ideas will be posted on the Darwin Celebration Web site. Essays should be submitted by July 1, 2008 to darwin@case.edu.

For more information contact Paula Baughn, 216.368.4443.

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