June 18, 2008

National NACC meeting comes to campus this week


The Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations will have the opportunity to showcase its new Bellflower Road building when the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC) brings its spring retreat and meeting to Cleveland. The meeting will take place at the Mandel Center, which is also called home to the international headquarters of NACC.

"This is a milestone for a nonprofit center to have its own building," said Amy McClellan, NACC's executive director -- and the meeting host for leaders from some of the 47 nonprofit academic centers around the world. When the Mandel Center dedicated its new building last November, it became the first center to have a freestanding facility dedicated to nonprofit management education.

The Nonprofit Academic Centers Council is an association of academic centers at accredited colleges and universities that study the nonprofit sector, volunteerism and philanthropy.

What's on the NACC meeting agenda for the organization that promotes the development of nonprofit management leaders through education, research and community engagement and involvement?

Research and the role that academic centers can play in promoting and conducting research related to the nonprofit sector will be the focus of this meeting, says McClellan.

With a "pulse on emerging issues," McClellan explained, "academically-based centers for study of nonprofits and philanthropy are uniquely situated to both generate and access the latest research and thinking about the nonprofit sector."

Members will map out the kinds of research projects at different institutions and then proceed over the two-day meeting to discuss financial resources for research and collaboration opportunities, among other strategies. As a result of this work, NACC will look at ways that it can support the research initiatives of its members, said McClellan.

For more information contact Susan Griffith, 216.368.1004.

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