July 07, 2008

First-year students come to campus, will be wannabe rock stars during Orientation 2008


More than 1,050 first-year undergraduate students and their parents from across the country will begin their descent on Case Western Reserve University this week for the start of Orientation 2008.

Each year orientation inducts a new class of undergraduates with a unique theme. This summer, first-year students will be assigned all-access, back-stage passes to the rock concert-like environment that will costume Case Western Reserve.

Orientation at Case Western Reserve includes one of four Summer Sessions as well as Welcome Days. During the Summer Session, undergraduates meet with academic advisers, take any placement tests, select fall classes, tour campus and get to know fellow classmates. This year the sessions run from July 8-10, July 13-15, July 16-18 and August 18-20.

After the fledgling rock stars put the basics of the Orientation Summer Session behind them, their real fun begins with the social programming of Welcome Days from August 20-24.

The entire class of 2012 -- as well as many upper-class students -- will be on campus together for the first time when Welcome Days begin in late August. New students move into residence halls on August 17 and August 20.

Social opportunities during the greeting week range from a Casino Night to a performance by a comedian to an all-campus concert. Students attend a welcome back dance and a picnic at the farm, along with small- and large-group get-togethers, workshops and even special SatCo classes.

Welcome Days also include some academic activities. Students attend faculty-led seminars, meet their SAGES faculty advisers and finalize their fall schedules. Two of the main highlights every year are the class-wide discussions of the common reading during Share the Vision sessions and the culmination of the weeklong welcome with annual Fall Convocation, August 28 this time around.

The common reading for the class of 2012, The Reluctant Mr. Darwin: An Intimate Portrait of Charles Darwin and the Making of His Theory of Evolution, coincides with the university's yearlong celebration of Charles Darwin in 2008-2009. The author of the book, David Quammen, will give the keynote address at Convocation in Severance Hall.

One of the most distinctive aspects of Case Western Reserve's Orientation programming is Case Ventures. Between their Summer Session and Welcome Days, first-year students can choose to join their classmates in camping, hiking and whitewater rafting; spelunking along rocks, caves and caverns; or exploring the many museums, restaurants and other Cleveland hot spots, among other intriguing endeavors.

Additional information about Orientation 2008 is available online .

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