July 21, 2008

Case Western Reserve University to unveil innovative new Web site


Nearly 2,000 students, faculty, staff and alumni have helped select the innovative new design of Case Western Reserve University's more progressive Web presence.

The fresh online look and information architecture, which will be launched this week on the main university homepage and pages off of the homepage, will feature the university's updated visual identity while employing cutting-edge e-business technology.

The inventive and customizable second-tier navigation toward the top of the university's main Web pages will offer visitors to the site an opportunity to be more than just guests. This novel technology will provide new and return users immediate access to interact as actual members of the university community -- by requesting additional information, visiting campus, applying for admission or making a gift -- all from the main homepage.

The advanced design also will highlight stories of ingenuity and innovation at Case Western Reserve with enriched interactive elements that will range from flash features to photo mosaics and from the most modern multi-media to the smartest social networking tools. The site also will showcase the current, most popular links by audience along with event listings that visitors can add to a personal schedule or synch with their full calendar.

Created and built by the in-house University Marketing and Communications interactive team, the original look and feel of the site will represent a blend of the two design concepts -- A and C -- rated most highly by the university community in a recent survey.

Case Western Reserve's new interactive presence, which will focus more on concept C at the homepage and A throughout, will continue to be tested and modified after the initial launch.

Some schools and management centers will adopt the new look this summer and fall, with flexible templates finalized and made available to individuals, departments and organizations toward the end of the calendar year.

Members of the university community who wish to comment on the new Web site once it is launched or who would like to take part in additional testing of the advanced design can e-mail case-news@case.edu.

Posted by: Kimyette Finley, July 21, 2008 01:15 PM | News Topics: Faculty, HeadlinesMain, Staff, Students, Technology, news

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