August 04, 2008

Seven proposals from Case Western Reserve collaborators receive 2008 Presidential Research Initiative Grants

Seven research projects representing several academic disciplines received 2008 Presidential Research Initiative (PRI) grants this year, totaling $519,000 in funding.

The PRI grant program is designed to promote an interdisciplinary research environment at the university by seeding new research projects involving investigators from two or more schools or colleges. The grants are supported with funds from the Ohio Board of Regents and proceeds from the commercialization efforts of the Technology Transfer Office. Each project is eligible for up to $75,000 for up to two years of support.

The 2008 PRI awardees are:
  • Brian Cobb (principal investigator, Department of Pathology) and Michael Zagorski (co-principal investigator, Department of Chemistry), "Carbohydrate Structural Epitopes and Novel Antigenic Activity," $75,000;
  • John Feng (principal investigator, Department of Pharmacology) and Hong Yang (co-principal investigator, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), " Mapping Genetic Networks Underlying Behavioral Regulation at a Genomic Scale Using a Combined Approach of C.elegans Genetics and Data Mining," $75,000;
  • Jerry Floersch (principal investigator, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences); Eileen Anderson-Fye (co-principal investigator, Department of Anthropology; and Jes Sellers (co-principal investigator, University Counseling Center), "College Student Experience of Mental Health Service Use and Psychiatric Medication," $74,000;
  • Stefan Herlitze (principal investigator, Department of Neurosciences); Thomas Dick (co-principal investigator, Department of Medicine); and C.C. Liu (co-principal investigator, Department of Chemical Engineering), " Characterization and Modulation of the Caudal 5HT System for Control of Respiratory Function Using External Control of Light Activated Channels," $70,000;
  • Frank Jacono (principal investigator, Department of Medicine) and Kenneth Loparo (co-principal investigator, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), "Complex Systems Analysis of Breathing Patterns in Lung Injury: Applications to Predict Outcomes and Limit Severity," $75,000;
  • Susan Ludington (principal investigator, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing); Elizabeth Damato (co-principal investigator, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing); and Kenneth Loparo (co-principal investigator, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), "Efficacy of a Health-Promoting Chest Device for Preterm Infants," $75,000; and
  • Bill Yu (principal investigator, Department of Civil Engineering) and Pingfu Feng (co-principal investigator, Department of Medicine), "Physiology and Performance Based Drowsiness Detection System and Algorithm for Transportation Safety," $75,000

Although seven proposals received funding this year, a total of 57 proposals were submitted. Each proposal was reviewed by a panel of faculty members selected by the Office of the Provost. Funding for the seven projects that received PRI awards began July 1.

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