February 09, 2009

Case Western Reserve University Recognized For Community Engagement

Campus Community Asked to Take New Survey to Provide Updated Community Outreach Information


Case Western Reserve University has recently been named to the 2008 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll by the Corporation for National and Community Service. The selection is recognition from the highest levels of the federal government for the university's commitment to service and civic engagement in the community.

"We are honored to receive this distinct honor," President Barbara R. Snyder said. "It recognizes the tremendous efforts of our faculty, staff and students to make a difference across greater Cleveland."

The Honor Roll designation is the second major recognition of the university's community engagement efforts within the last two months. In December, the university received a 2008 Pillar Award for Community Service, which recognizes the philanthropic and community engagement initiatives of local businesses.

"It is important to increase the awareness about the university's commitment and outstanding level of service to the community," said Latisha James, director for the Center for Community Partnerships. "Nominating the university for formal recognition of signature community outreach programs is a great vehicle to accomplish that goal. As we continue to become recipients of such honors, it can be used as a tool to attract even more talented faculty, staff and students, as well as steward positive relations with our stakeholders."

James said that in order to submit a nomination, a great deal of information about the university's community engagement programs and impact must be included in applications. As a result, the Center for Community Partnerships is updating the university's inventory of community outreach programs and partners by asking the campus to complete a brief survey. Completed surveys will allow the center to update the inventory, as well as provide a report to the campus community.

James said the current inventory of campus outreach efforts, first introduced in 2007, is "only a snapshot of our collective efforts." That's because the entire campus did not share information, nor does the current survey quantify service hours, funding, etc. To complete the picture of the university's overall outreach efforts, all campus departments, organizations and individuals engaged in any type of community service are encouraged to take the survey.

In addition to increasing awareness about the university's community service programs, the updated inventory will serve as an effective tool to strengthen campus and community collaboration and reduce duplicate programs and services. In addition, it will effectively leverage valuable resources (money and people), and attract additional funding for community initiatives.

Campus responders are encouraged to fill out the survey before March 16, 2009.

Posted by: Kimyette Finley, February 9, 2009 01:29 PM | News Topics: Alumni, Collaborations/Partnerships, Community Outreach, Staff, Students, news

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