March 16, 2009

Undergraduate Students Encouraged to Submit Abstracts for Intersections Symposium


Some people might think that groundbreaking, thought provoking or even artistic research primarily takes place at the graduate level. However, Sheila Pedigo, director of the Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE) office at Case Western Reserve University, has more than enough proof that stimulating ideas and research begin to take shape during the undergraduate years.

Her office is encouraging undergraduates to present their research during the annual Intersections: SOURCE Undergraduate Symposium and Poster Session. Students have until Friday, March 20, to submit abstracts for this year's event, which will take place Friday, April 17, in Thwing Center. Learn more about the abstract guidelines.

"We're looking for undergrads from all academic disciplines who have participated in research or creative projects. We will work with students to provide the format they need," Pedigo said. Students can present their research via a paper, oral presentation or poster presentation. The venue also is set up to accommodate artistic presentations. Pedigo said the research can be based on students' capstone projects, ongoing research or even a summer project.

Students need not have conducted the research on the Case Western Reserve campus. However, students must have a Case Western Reserve faculty member's endorsement for the presentation.

Each year, Intersections highlights approximately 140 projects, including individual and group presentations. Pedigo said the symposium is a great opportunity for students to become comfortable presenting research or projects before an audience. "Some of our students are accepted into prestigious research programs," she said about the possibilities that could result from becoming involved in this type of endeavor.

Pedigo said the event also is a learning opportunity for the entire campus community, as well as prospective Case Western Reserve students. "The campus community can talk with these students about their research, and prospective students are looking at possibilities for undergraduate research. These students want to hear about what other students are doing."

In addition to showcasing undergraduate research, Pedigo said there are a couple of other reasons why Intersections continues to grow each year. For instance, the campus community has an opportunity to celebrate the work and accomplishments of undergraduates. Also, students who have yet to engage in an in depth research project might become inspired to explore one in their own academic discipline. Lastly, the campus community has an opportunity to see how undergraduate student involvement contributes to and enhances the educational experience at Case Western Reserve.

The goal of the SOURCE office is to assist and prepare students to engage in research and creative endeavors. The office staff works with students during the academic year and the summer. Learn more.

For more information contact Kimyette Finley, 216.368.0521.

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