April 03, 2009

President Snyder Joins Peers to Discuss Higher Education, Research Opportunities in Ohio

Case Western Reserve University President Barbara R. Snyder joined more than 40 of her peers at the Second Annual Ohio College and University Presidents' Conference in Washington, D.C., Wednesday.

The conference, hosted by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, focused on educational priorities, strategies to forge statewide partnerships, and initiatives to maximize federal investments, including economic recovery funding. The event coincided with the U.S. Department of Education's release of $44 billion in recovery funding for critical educational reforms in Ohio schools and schools across the country.

"This conference is about crafting education policy in Washington that meets the needs of Ohio's students and reflects the input of its colleges and universities," Brown said. "By bringing together the presidents of Ohio's institutions of higher education—both large and small, two-year and four-year—we all benefit. Ohio presidents can pave the way for rebuilding a secure future for our state and for our next generation. This conference is an integral step in turning Ohio's economy around," Brown added.

Several policymakers, including Arne Duncan, secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, shared information about funding opportunities. "There is significant new money under [the] stimulus package of more than $100 billion over two years. As part of that package, Ohio will receive $2.7 billion, of which $1.8 billion will go to the state fiscal stabilization fund that will save and create jobs," Duncan explained.

Snyder and her colleagues participated in breakout sessions to explore how to expand higher education access and affordability, support opportunities for research and innovation, and connect higher education with high schools and workforce needs.

"We are grateful to Senator Brown for his commitment to higher education and for the opportunity to share ideas with him and other members of Congress," Snyder said. "Amid these challenging times, we have great opportunities to seize opportunities to improve the lives of individuals and communities through increased investments in higher education."

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