April 15, 2009

Research ShowCASE to Feature Traditional Panel Discussions, Digital Options


Several panel discussions about the economy and children, research on teaching and learning, and advanced energy for Northeast Ohio will take center stage during Research ShowCASE.

The Case Western Reserve and local communities are invited to learn more during this year's event, which takes place Thursday, April 16, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Veale Convocation Center.

"The Economy and Child and Youth Well-Being: Critical Issues for Research, Practice and Policy "; "Research on Teaching and Learning in Undergraduate Classrooms"; and "Powering Through the Economic Downturn: The Impact of Advanced Energy for Northeast Ohio" are the panel discussions for tomorrow's event.

In addition to the panel discussions, Mary Woolley, president of Research!America, will deliver the keynote address for Research ShowCASE. She will share with the audience how the $10.4 billion earmarked in the federal budget for investment in health research and basic sciences is an encouraging sign for the research community.

Also, several Research ShowCASE forums, as well as the keynote presentation, will be streamed into Second Life, recorded and available online following the event.

Panel discussion highlights:

"The Economy and Child and Youth Well-Being: Critical Issues for Research, Practice and Policy"

  • 9-10:30 a.m.
  • Sponsored by the Schubert Center for Child Studies

Difficult economic times call for creative and collaborative solutions to many issues facing children, youth and families. This session will bring together professionals from multiple perspectives to reflect on how the economy is impacting child and youth well-being and what can be done. Panelists include policy experts, community agencies, philanthropic organizations, and researchers representing the faculty associates of the Schubert Center for Child Studies. Learn more.

"Research on Teaching and Learning in Undergraduate Classrooms"

  • 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
  • Sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

There is growing recognition that significant education reform is necessary at the undergraduate level to adequately prepare students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines to compete in the global marketplace. One of the biggest challenges for many of the large science and engineering courses is they are still lecture based, a format that promotes passive rather than active learning. This panel provides a perspective on research on teaching and learning being conducted by disciplinary faculty in STEM departments at the national level with specific examples of work being done in the Department of Biology at Case Western Reserve University. Learn more.

"Powering Through the Economic Downturn: The Impact of Advanced Energy for Northeast Ohio"

  • 1-2:30 p.m.
  • Sponsored by the Great Lakes Institute for Energy Innovation

America is a nation of innovation and entrepreneurship, and research and development is leading the way for our advanced energy future. Yet throughout the country and around the world there is one common theme running through everyone’s mind–the economy. Northeast Ohio is well positioned to capitalize on advanced energy research and retool our manufacturing base to meet both current and future demands for renewable energy solutions in wind, energy storage and solar. Learn more.

In addition to the traditional panel discussions, Research ShowCASE will reach beyond the walls of the university, allowing access far beyond the regional community. All of the forums and keynote presentations will be streamed into Second Life, as well as recorded and available online following the event. More information about the digital outreach efforts is available below.

  • Pachyderm:

This easy-to-use, multimedia system is designed so that people can develop visual, compelling e-learning modules. Research ShowCASE attendees are invited to look at how animation and multimedia can be used to explain research projects. They will learn how Case Western Reserve faculty are presenting their research on multimedia enhanced digital posters with the Pachyderm authoring system. These posters will be showcased on a 61" plasma screen.

  • Second Life:

For those who are unable to make it to Research ShowCASE in person, consider attending as an avatar in the 3-D virtual world of Second Life. Those who do not already have an avatar can go to the New Media Consortium's join page. It's free. Once an avatar (the character that represents you in Second Life) has been created, users can view simulcasts of the Research ShowCASE presentations and the keynote address. Users can open their browsers and go online to attend. Sue Shick (avatar name Susanne Patrono), instructional designer with ITAC, will serve as a moderator between the avatar audience and the speakers. Learn more about Second Life.

Go online for a full schedule of Research ShowCASE events.

For more information contact Kimyette Finley, 216.368.0521.

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