October 16, 2009

President's Committee on Child Care Options Announces Two Pilot Programs

President Barbara R. Snyder today announced the launch of two pilot programs that emerged from the work of the President's Committee on Child Care Options during 2008-2009. Effective immediately, benefits-eligible faculty and staff—as well as all students—will be able to participate in the following initiatives:

  1. Temporary and Back-up Child Care: It always seems to happen: whenever you have a can't-miss meeting or class, that's the day that your child or children wake up not feeling well. The President's committee identified the need for short-notice back-up care as a campus priority.
  2. In response, the university has established a relationship with Erin's Nannies, a highly regarded service that helps place caregivers with families on a full-time and temporary basis. In this pilot program, the university will pay for the registration fee and up to two emergency referrals. To take part in the program, please contact Erin's Nannies directly at (216) 381-6600 or Erinsnannies@aol.com. More information on the program is available at http://www.case.edu/finadmin/humres/benefits/childcare.emergency.html.

  3. Child Care Support During Travel: Child care can become particularly challenging when a parent must take a trip for work or study—for example, a conference, a research opportunity, or out-of-town meeting. Inspired by a successful model operated through the ACES program, the President's committee recommended launching a campus-wide initiative. As a result, the university has established a new fund to support additional costs of care. These resources can support care for a child who travels to the event, or for the child at home while the adult travels. Interested individuals can learn more about the program and the application process at http://www.case.edu/finadmin/humres/benefits/childcare.travel.html.

"Our Faculty Senate identified child care as a top budget priority in 2008," President Snyder said. "The members of this committee performed outstanding work in identifying short-, medium- and longer term options."

The university has explored the possibility of on-campus child care for several years, and the committee endorsed this option as the best long-term option. At this time, though, the costs of such an initiative are prohibitive at this time. Yet during the course of the committee's work, members learned of a potential promising alternative. The Cleveland Music School Settlement is pursuing plans to create a "state of the art early learning and training center" on the site of the former Coventry Elementary School site in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights school district. Leaders of the university and the settlement continue to discuss opportunities for collaboration to serve the needs of families with young children. The university will continue to provide updates on this opportunity as more information becomes available.

The two initiatives announced today are designed to provide immediate assistance to parents while the university continues to pursue other options. They are pilot programs that the administration will evaluate and modify based on initial experiences this academic year.

The President's Committee on Child Care Options conducted extensive research regarding campus interest in various kinds of child care services. The group also studied best practices at universities across the country, and visited campus programs in our region.

The committee members are: James E. Ryan, Chair, Senior Director, Human Resources; Eileen Anderson-Fye, Assistant Professor of Anthropology; Joanne S. Brown, Architect and Interior Designer; Campus Planning; Jonatha M. Gott, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology; LaShanda T. Korley, Assistant Professor of Macromolecular and Microbiology Science and Engineering; Tiffanie Moss, Graduate Student; Jonathan Sadowsky, Associate Professor, History; and Kevin J. Slesh, Director of Commercial Development.

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