November 16, 2009

KSL Adapts to Research, Instructional Needs of Campus Community

Editor's note: Over the next several months, Case Daily will run a series of stories focusing on how the Case Western Reserve University libraries support the research and scholarship endeavors of faculty, students and staff.

The second in the series focuses on technology:

The Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) adapts to the research and instructional needs of Case Western Reserve University by leveraging partnerships within research centers or interdisciplinary areas.

One such collaboration has been KSL's efforts to support the academic alliance area of "energy and environment." By reaching out to faculty in various disciplines, KSL has started building a set of resources that will support the campus as well as the sustainability efforts of the region and beyond.

The Virtual Energy Center, an energy research portal, has been created to serve as a single access point for resources and data. The Web site will grow with the research focus of the university, and serve the needs of everyone from a first-year student working on a short paper to a researcher preparing for grant application. It highlights various resources and provides guidance in locating energy, environment and sustainability information.

The strength of energy resources has been greatly enhanced by looking beyond the traditional science researchers. For instance, Peter Schulman, a faculty member in the Department of History, conducts research in the area of history of energy and environment. Several librarians worked with Peter Schulman to identify and attain books that would become a strong foundation to a history of energy collection. Upon his recommendation, the library also added an energy news alerting service provided by E&E Publishing. Case Western Reserve researchers may visit the E& E Web site or receive daily e-mail alerts related to energy, environment, climate and government policy.

KSL has the goal of preserving and making available the intellectual products of Case Western Reserve research. In partnership with the Great Lakes Energy Institute (CLEI), Digital Case will become the online archive and distribution mechanism for papers, presentations, and media produced through the day-to-day activities and operations of GLEI. By allowing KSL to manage the preservation aspects of the digital content, GLEI staff can focus on other aspects of their Web site.

Watch for announcements on additional projects and resources, including a collection of energy e-books and several events in throughout the month to highlight the 125th birthday celebration of IEEE.

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