March 02, 2010

Nicola Lacetera Earns Glennan Fellowship


The academic fields and disciplines of the 2009-2010 Glennan Fellows vary as widely as the projects in which they are engaged.

Awarded each spring, Glennan Fellowships are administered by the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE) and designed to reward excellence in faculty and to nurture their growth as teachers and scholars. Each Glennan Fellow has been awarded $6, 500 to be used toward their projects.

Case Daily will feature each of the 2009-10 award recipients' projects.

Nicola Lacetera, assistant professor of economics

Project: Industrial Organization and the Economic Analysis of Business Strategies

For his Glennan Fellowship project, Lacetera proposes a reorganization of an existing class, Industrial Organization (ECON 364). He wants to shift the course's focus from the policy and anti-competitive implications of business strategies to the implications of these strategies for the profitability of firms.

"This approach is meant to address the main interest of students for this class: Their quest for understanding how firms can be profitable in the marketplace, while at the same time maintaining formal economic rigor so as to provide consistency to the various claims," Lacetera wrote in his proposal.

His plan includes more than just a change in the materials and overall approach to the class. It also includes a change in the teaching methods in order to put students in more direct contact with business strategy situations. For instance, students play an online strategy simulation game throughout the course where concepts learned in class are applied. Students also read business cases from specialized and popular press, discuss these case studies in class, and connect them to formal economic models. Students are also asked to search for more examples from the press. By doing this, they participate in the building of the syllabus teaching materials for next year's course.

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