April 21, 2010

Hudson Relays Celebrates 100th Anniversary

One of the university's longest-standing traditions, Hudson Relays, is always a special event for the campus community. This year's event, taking place Saturday, April 24, will be even more significant because students, faculty, staff and alumni will witness the event's centennial milestone.

"Hudson Relays is one of the oldest traditions on campus. The centennial is a great opportunity to celebrate something we'll never see again," said Colleen Barker-Williamson, director of student activities and leadership. "It's a vibrant day of athleticism and social gathering, and it celebrates a facet of the university's history."

The 26-mile relay footrace commemorates Western Reserve College's 1882 move from Hudson, Ohio, to University Circle. Teams representing first-year through fourth-year students, as well as an alumni team, will participate, and the campus community is invited to come out and cheer on the runners.

In honor of this year's centennial celebration, the planning committee worked with University Archives to gather historical data and photos of the relays. Ground signs currently line the binary walkway and the Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) Oval with quirky, historical facts related to Hudson Relays. In addition, the Friday, April 23, University Community Hour event is scheduled to be a Hudson Relays Pep Rally on the KSL Oval. Campus members will have an opportunity to enjoy cake and check out photos from past relays. And on Saturday – relay race day – there will be a special 100th anniversary special program featuring President Barbara R. Snyder and other special guests.

Angel Flowers, outgoing vice president of the University Program Board, has served on the Hudson Relays committee for the past three years. "I didn't have any idea what it was," she said of her first year. "I took it by horns and it became exciting for me to come back to it year after year."

Flowers, a senior, hopes younger students embrace the Hudson Relays tradition. "It's fun to get to know people and to support your class. Take pride in participating —all components make the event a success."

One of those younger students supporting the event is Christian Wargo, current vice president of the freshman class. "It sounded really exciting to me. I wanted to take more of a leadership role in the Class Officer Collective. I can't wait to experience it for myself," he said of soon to be first experience with Hudson Relays. He is serving as a co-chair of the event.

Wargo said students, faculty, staff and alumni should come to this year's event "for the history of things. This event holds a special place in a lot of people's hearts. None of us will be around when the 200th anniversary rolls around, so come out and celebrate this meaningful tradition."

The complete schedule for the 2010 Hudson Relays is available online.

Posted by: Kimyette Finley, April 21, 2010 09:45 AM | News Topics: Alumnet, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Students, news

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