April 29, 2010

Daniel Tisch Earns Glennan Fellowship

Daniel Tisch in the classroom

The academic fields and disciplines of the 2009-2010 Glennan Fellows vary as widely as the projects in which they are engaged.

Awarded each spring, Glennan Fellowships are administered by the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE) and designed to reward excellence in faculty and to nurture their growth as teachers and scholars. Each Glennan Fellow has been awarded $6,500 to be used toward their projects.

The Daily will continue to feature each of the award recipients. Today, learn about Daniel Tisch's project.

Daniel Tisch, assistant professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Center for Global Health and Diseases

Project: " A Model Global Health Course: Disease surveillance in real-time"

Tisch created a course focusing on a trans-cultural, trans-disciplinary multimedia learning experience in the field of global health. Faculty and students from both Case Western Reserve University and the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil, used the information communication technology Adobe Connect® to create a single classroom between multiple institutions for instruction, analysis and interpersonal communication.

Collaboration with the Bahian health department, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Florida Department of Health permitted the analysis of historical and real-time data from the annual dengue endemics and sporadic epidemics in the Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Florida. "The goal is to prepare undergraduate, graduate, medical and other students for the field of global health," Tisch wrote in his grant proposal.

Tisch said the web-based international experience is transformative for students who are unsure of global health career opportunities or who may have been otherwise unable to travel to a foreign site for learning and academic projects. An unexpected outcome of the course has been an invitation to present the project results to Brazilian health departments in May.

The class will use this opportunity to view the Dengue transmission sites, meet their international peers and gain additional applied epidemiological training. The course served as a model learning program in epidemiology and global health that can be expanded to other existing and new university partnerships.

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