May 21, 2010

Future Real Estate Developer Puts a Visionary Idea into Senior Project at Weatherhead School of Management

Paul Salamon. Photo by Susan Griffith

Capstone projects are always a great way for seniors to demonstrate what they have learned during their undergraduate years at Case Western Reserve University. Paul Salamon hopes his project might be even more significant than that.

He visualizes a lasting legacy – a real estate development adding vitality to Cleveland’s University Circle area.

Under the direction of Jennifer Johnson, associate professor of marketing and policy studies at Weatherhead School of Management, Salamon produced a housing development plan for students at Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) and also for Weatherhead grad students or future lawyers at CWRU School of Law.

He envisions CIA students having studio spaces right where they live and a glass-enclosed gallery where they can publicly exhibit what they create.

The 21-year-old management/finance major's senior project also validates his fascination since childhood about how real estate developments happen; they start with a good idea and grow through inspiration, planning and creativity. Salamon says private investment tends to flow if all other factors are in place.

“I know the direction I would like to go in the future, which is becoming a developer,” he says, although law school, possibly at Case Western Reserve, probably will happen first.

A resident of Amherst, N.Y., near Buffalo, Salamon insists he has been intellectually and emotionally captivated by University Circle’s potential, which now is emerging in through its Uptown economic development project. He says his plan for a unique housing structure close to CIA and CWRU, marketed to students, has excited him enough to either stay in Cleveland or keep coming back.

The senior project “has been a learning experience for me along with the hope of eventually pursuing this venture,” he says, with a look of determination. Salamon says privately owned and managed student housing could complement CWRU dorms and be a needed alternative to off-campus rentals.

“I’ve learned a lot about property laws, acquiring financing and doing market research,” he says. “But I think this can really help CIA and help with student life experiences, creating a better atmosphere and increasing the vitality of this neighborhood.”

For more information contact Marv Kropko, 216.368.6890.

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