June 16, 2010

Mandel School IT Director Receives President’s Award for Distinguished Service

President Barbara R. Snyder
and Tom Franchina
Photo: Dan Milner

Carmelo "Tom" Franchina, director of information technology at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, is described by many as the go-to guy for just about anything.

His efforts are being recognized with a 2010 President's Award for Distinguished Service.

Franchina, along with two other employees, received the recognition during the Staff Service Awards. The event, held last week, also recognized employees with 10, 25 and 35 years of service with the university.

The program was a collaborative effort between the Department of Human Resources, the Staff Advisory Council and the Office of the President .

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Tom Franchina goes the extra mile to help students, staff, faculty and alumni.

"Everyone feels comfortable asking Tom anything, no matter how trivial, because they know he will show a genuine interest," a nominator wrote. Franchina works to foster university-wide collaborative relationships with IT staff, resulting in effective campus-wide team building.

"When I come to work I don't feel intimidated or stressed because I love what I do," Franchina said. "I enjoy the title that Dean Gilmore gave me of 'problem solver.' I don't believe that it's that difficult to do a bit extra to keep everyone operational and, therefore, happy," he added.

"Wow" was the word he used to describe his reaction to receiving the award.

Franchina was the third chair of the university’s Council of Technology Officers. "We developed a very strong relationship between the various schools and central ITS. This continued after my term as chair ended and is continuing today," he said.

He said when he arrived in 1999, "my goal at the time was that users would take their computers for granted, and within a year they began to do just that." He added that improvements in reliability, performance and cost savings are top priorities.

One of his nominators wrote that Franchina aims to do more with less. "Tom manages to provide the School with up-to-date equipment for a fraction of what others spend," the nominator wrote. He also donates older equipment to nonprofit organizations. Others noted his willingness to come in after hours to help with emergencies.

They also cited Franchina's genuine desire to see his staff and students further their education.

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