June 17, 2010

Nursing School Human Resources Manager Receives President’s Award for Distinguished Service

President Barbara R. Snyder
and Kathleen O'Linn
Photo: Dan Milner

Kathleen O'Linn, who joined the university in 1994, is supportive of causes and programs that have a transformational effect on people's lives.

Her efforts are being recognized with a 2010 President's Award for Distinguished Service.

O'Linn, along with two other employees, received the recognition during the Staff Service Awards. The event, held last week, also recognized employees with 10, 25 and 35 years of service with the university.

The program was a collaborative effort between the Department of Human Resources, the Staff Advisory Council and the Office of the President.

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The human resources manager at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, O'Linn initiated the school's Food for Thought program, which brings staff members together monthly as a way of encouraging personal development and growth.

O'Linn also created the first "Green Team" in the nursing school, and she is supportive of national causes such as Go Red for Women.

"Kathy exhibits many of the qualities of a transformational leader. She spends numerous hours working with colleagues to enrich the lives of staff and faculty by creating a learning work environment that welcomes change and innovation with contagious enthusiasm and active participation," a nominator wrote.

Other nominators wrote that O'Linn approaches all of her tasks with professionalism and grace. "I have never seen a colleague more committed to making the system work for the betterment of all individuals, regardless of their status or rank," one wrote. "What she does all day, every day is to quietly motivate and help other people do their jobs better," another nominator wrote.

"I enjoy working with staff, faculty and students. So much of what I do each day is just to be there to assist with concerns they may have or point them in the right direction of the people who can help," O'Linn said.

In addition to her responsibilities at the School of Nursing, O'Linn is the current chair of the Staff Advisory Council (SAC). In preparation of the 20th anniversary celebration, O'Linn and her committee produced a video highlighting the organization’s first 20 years.

She is passionate about providing educational opportunities for staff development, and along with other key members, O'Linn has been a supporter of the Staff Educational Enhancement Fund since its inception. Eager to learn and improve her own leadership skills, O'Linn is a proud member of the Women Staff Leadership Development Initiative Class of 2010.

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