August 16, 2010

LED Lighting Shines Brightly on Campus

A "bright" idea is being implemented at dozens of locations around the Case Western Reserve University campus. The university's Department of Facilities Services has begun installing LED lights in strategic locations.

The result will be annual energy savings of approximately $19,000 said Eugene Matthews, director of facilities services, who recently delivered a report to Cleveland City Council. Matthews and Frank Merat, professor of engineering, discussed the university's plans at a recent council meeting, where administrators explored the possibility of LED legislation for the entire city. Read more.

Matthews said LED lights have been installed in approximately 250 campus light fixtures.

“We’re going from 600 watts of standard lighting to 30 watts,” Matthews said. "This will eventually result in major labor savings and energy reduction.”

LEDs are estimated to typically last about 50,000 hours – approximately eight years for each fixture.

So far, LED lighting is shining brightly in elevators, stairwells and building entrances. Facilities Services employees will continue to install LED lighting throughout fall semester.

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Posted by: Kimyette Finley, August 16, 2010 08:20 AM | News Topics: Environment, sustainability

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