February 08, 2011

Unconventional Internship Helps Student Grow Local Arts Scene

Rachel Hunt
Junior Rachel Hunt shows guests artwork at a Ctownartparty
event last year.

When junior art history/English major Rachel Hunt started her internship search, she went the traditional route, checking out the art museums in the area and waiting to hear back. But when things didn’t pan out, she didn’t agonize over what could have been. Instead, she got innovative and developed her own for-credit internship: She would ramp up her work at Ctownartparty, a local arts promotion and production company that helps innovative Clevelanders get their work showcased. Her first major project of the internship? This Friday, she and partner Ryan Hobson will present Office Art, an exhibition showcasing approximately 20 artists’ works as part of the Tremont Art Walk.

The event will be held from 5 to 11 p.m. in the SCK Design Inc. office space (2221 Professor Ave.), a second-floor office above Lago, and also in a third-floor gallery. But even though its theme is Office Art due to its location, don’t expect bland, stuffy portraits. “I think it’s perfect for people to buy it and hang it up for their office at work, though,” Hunt said.

The artistic range at this exhibition will vary from paintings and photographs to quilt displays and jewelry, she said. Plus, there will be an interactive sculpture that attendees can help construct.

This event will be one of the largest in size Ctownartparty has done so far, and is the first held in conjunction with the Tremont Art Walk, which should help it draw a larger crowd and build awareness around Ctownartparty and its artists.

As part of her internship, Hunt does a majority of the marketing, from designing fliers to writing press releases to doing social media outreach. Additionally, Hunt’s work focuses on expanding Ctownartparty as a nonprofit organization. Previously, Ctownartparty hosted about one event per year since its inception in 2008; already there are four events planned for the first five months of 2011. Her final reflection on the project will showcase items such as media clippings, advertising materials and social media growth.

This internship directly aligns with Hunt’s goal to work in arts management with an administrative role for places like art museums or galleries. Her experience already has proven she can help grow an organization and highlight the talents of others.

“I just feel like there is this overwhelming need for an arts organization in Cleveland that’s going to represent emerging artists who don’t have the money to get their own studio space or pay someone to represent them,” Hunt said. “And because there are so many people surrounding us and giving us this positive energy, we think there’s so much more we can do.”

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