February 09, 2011

ITS Completes Internet Capital Improvement Project

keyboardUsers of the Case Western Reserve University campus network will find faster speeds, greater bandwidth capacity, and a stronger, more secure firewall thanks to an Internet improvement project recently completed by Information Technology Services.

Started during the fall of 2010 with capital funding from the university, the project has increased the bandwidth capacity and speed of the network tenfold, up to 10 Gbps, to locations both on and off campus, including the connection to the National Lambda Rail, a high-speed research and education network that also connects to government agencies such as the NIH and NSF. 

As a result, researchers can now download very large files in a fraction of the time that it took previously, and during normal business hours rather than waiting until the late hours of the night. Roger Bielefeld, director of academic technology and research computing noted, “Our research community is very pleased that this improved network performance allows them to access remote files when needed, rather than maintaining local copies, which lowers their fixed capital costs.”

The Internet firewall, which protects the campus from viruses and other malicious attacks, has gotten a tune-up as well. Installation of new hardware and an upgrade to the firewall software will maximize available processing speeds. In addition, new bandwidth appliances will better manage the Internet traffic entering and exiting the university network.

Chet Ramey, assistant director of ITS Technical Infrastructure Services, said firewall performance has shown an improvement of up to 40 percent since the software upgrade. Users will note that commonly used Internet sites (including webmail.case.edu) will load faster than ever before as a result of these upgrades to the network.

ITS remains committed to delivering robust network services to the university community, including continuous efforts to improve, maintain and enhance the performance, availability and security of the campus network. For additional information about this project, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 216.368.HELP (4357).

Posted by: Emily Mayock, February 9, 2011 07:55 AM | News Topics: Technology

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