March 01, 2011

Adelbert Road Reopened for Vehicular Traffic

Effective Monday afternoon, Adelbert Road reopened to vehicular traffic in both directions. The walks on each side of the street will remain closed through about mid-March.

The roadway closure is part of a major infrastructure project for the area.

As part of this phase of the project, additional fencing will be installed today along the eastern frontage of Adelbert Hall (i.e. parallel to Adelbert Road). As a result, some walkways that lead toward this side of the building will be closed. Pedestrians approaching the building from the north should follow the Binary Walkway from the corner of Euclid Avenue and Adelbert Road. They then can enter Adelbert Hall from the western side of building. Those coming from the south can access Adelbert from either side; the sidewalk on the east side of Adelbert, near Millis, will be open.

The closures also affects the timing and routes of the “greenie” service. For more information on those changes, click here.

The construction-related closure is part of the third phase of a project that began late last year near Crawford Hall. It will conclude this spring near the Millis Science Center.

This project will enhance the efficiency of air conditioning and other services requiring chilled water. It is expected to result in long-term operational and capital savings for Case Western Reserve University and contribute to the university’s sustainability efforts. Details regarding the timing of this and successive phases will be posted in The Daily as they become available.

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