May 05, 2011

New Graduate Certificate Blends Law, Science and Management

Craig Nard
Craig Nard

This fall, Case Western Reserve University School of Law and Weatherhead School of Management will launch Fusion, a graduate-level certificate program. Fusion blends legal, scientific and management disciplines to guide graduate students from different academic backgrounds through the complex path of identifying and cultivating the commercial potential of scientific discovery to bring inventions and technology to the marketplace.

MBA, JD and PhD students in the sciences and engineering can now register for courses in the newly approved universitywide Graduate Certificate in Design, Innovation & Intellectual Property Management.

“This nationally distinctive, interdisciplinary program will prepare our students to become leaders in the field of innovation management,” said Craig A. Nard, Tom J.E. and Bette Lou Walker Professor of Law and a founding faculty member of Fusion.

“In the Fusion program, we address the commercialization of scientific inventions—from early discovery to proof of concept, to final product,” said Joe Jankowski, associate vice president in the Technology Transfer Office. “For example, students learn to analyze a life-science business opportunity from a multidisciplinary perspective. They construct business models that consider potential market impacts, competitive environments and ethical and social implications that often drive the potential for acceptance by healthcare practitioners.”

The program aims to enhance the success of students in their careers, providing the skills and confidence needed to make sound, creative decisions regarding the strategic potential of complex intellectual property and technology opportunities. The program allows graduates to hit the ground running and be highly competitive in the world of innovation and technology commercialization.

To earn the Fusion certificate, graduate students must take four of the six courses offered in the program. All certificate students must take Intellectual Property Management & Opportunity Assessment, and Technology Commercialization. Both of these courses are cross-listed at the law school and Weatherhead School of Management. Students can then choose either the two-semester course Design in Management: Concepts and Methods of Practice, which is offered at the School of Management, or Design and Creativity, which is paired with Faculty- or Alumnus-based Project Focused Upon Social Entrepreneurship or Technology-Based Economic Development.

For more information about the program, contact Nard at or 368.6348.

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