May 25, 2011

University Conducts Benefits Survey; Participants Can Win an iPod Touch

health care benefit formAs part of efforts to control costs and also enhance employee wellness, the Office of Human Resources today is launching a campuswide survey to learn more about community members’ attitudes toward existing health care coverage and quality. The survey also includes questions regarding interest in participating in wellness initiatives. Take the survey here. (The final question is to enter your email address and name to win the iPod Touch; once you submit that page, click the "Exit this survey" button in the top right-hand corner.)

“Health benefits are a critical part of the compensation that Case Western Reserve provides its constituents,” said Vice President for Human Resources Carolyn Gregory. “In a time of spiraling health care costs nationwide, we feel an obligation to explore ways to control expenses, and also contribute to employee wellness.”

The university regularly reviews benefit offerings to assess Case Western Reserve’s competitiveness with other Northeast Ohio employers as well as universities nationwide. At the same time, officials seek ways to maintain coverage levels by controlling costs. In 2009 the university identified an opportunity to lower prescription drug costs by joining a consortium of several other organizations. This step saved the university $1.1 million in its first year of implementation. In addition, human resources has been ramping up wellness offerings through its thinkfit program. Programs include educational seminars, health screenings, and fitness challenges.

Like many other organizations, the university has witnessed double-digit percentage increases in health care costs for each of the past five years. The university’s challenge going forward is to find ways to meet employee health care needs in a manner that is economically sustainable over time. This spring the Office of Human Resources held a series of employee forums to gather feedback regarding coverage options and wellness; this survey represents another effort to involve the community early regarding these complex issues.

“As with everything we do at Case Western Reserve, our success in controlling costs and enhancing wellness depends on our ability to engage the university community,” Gregory said. “We need their ideas and insights to develop the best possible options for the campus community.”

To encourage participation in the survey, the Office of Human Resources will hold a random drawing of participants who wish to have a chance to win an Apple iPod Touch. The deadline to complete the survey is 5 p.m. on Friday, June 3. Take the survey online at (The final question is to enter your email address and name to win the iPod Touch; once you submit that page, click the "Exit this survey" button in the top right-hand corner.)

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