Open swim hours at Veale Center are Monday through Friday 4-6 p.m. In addition to the current open swim at in the Veale Natatorium, open swim will also be held from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. in the Donnell Pool.

Case Daily will occasionally provide tips and ideas on energy conservation from the university’s Energy Advisory Committee. For more details go to Today’s tip: turn off general overhead lighting, and instead use task lighting such as a desk lamp.


"Fossils Point to Oldest Life on Earth"

The Associated Press (reprinted in The New York Times), June 7, 2006

The best evidence yet for the oldest life on Earth is found in odd-shaped, rock-like mounds in Australia that are actually fossils created by microbes 3.4 billion years ago, researchers report. One of the chief skeptics of the Martian meteorite claims, Ralph Harvey, a geology professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, said he is far more inclined to believe that the Australian mounds were once alive.

Also ran in other publications, including The Washington Post and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

"Hungry College Students Design Brand New Online Food Ordering System"

Pizza Marketing Quarterly, June 6, 2006

One of Northeast Ohio's fastest growing technology firms, O-Web Technologies, has announced the release of its new online ordering system, eOrderManager, which is designed specifically for the quick service and casual dine-in-restaurant industry. eOrderManager is an innovative software package that gives restaurant chains the ability to integrate an online ordering portal right into their existing website. "The system was built to run right off the franchisor's website, yet it was designed for the individual franchisees owners. It's incredibly affordable to implement. Each individual stores owner will have complete control of their online store, and it only requires a fax machine to start taking orders," says Stan Garber, Senior Sales Manager. "Some of the WOW! features of the system include: an intelligent product upselling manager, custom newsletter marketing, and a virtual product promotion manager." [NOTE: The founders and operators of O-Web Technologies are three Case Western Reserve University undergraduates from the Weatherhead School of Management and Case School of Engineering.]

"Education matters. (Duh.)"

Crain's Cleveland Business, June 5, 2006

According to a study featured in the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's 2005 Annual Report, "differences in state income levels can be explained largely by two factors: innovation and work force skills." In a news release accompanying the study, the Fed reports that its findings "suggest that increasing a region's knowledge base should be a primary component of economic development strategies." The study's authors, Fed economists Paul Bauer and Mark Schweitzer and Case Western Reserve University professor Scott Shane (entrepreneurship/economics), examined factors that contributed to per capita income growth in the 48 contiguous states from 1939 to 2004. They found that the key measurable factors that explain income differences among states are patents and education.

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"A Small World"

Inside Higher Ed, June 8, 2006

Of the many ways to educate international students, Fairleigh Dickinson University may have a new approach — and one that experts on international higher education say is worth watching. The New Jersey university has just won approval from British Columbia to open a degree-granting campus in Vancouver. Students who enroll there won't be American or Canadian, but will be from other countries, primarily in Asia. Fairleigh Dickinson believes that there is a market of students who want an American-style education in North America who will find it attractive in many ways to be outside the United States. And the university can educate them for substantially less money than would be possible in New Jersey -- while still earning money on the arrangement.

"Harvard Joins New U.S. Push for Stem Cells"

The Wall Street Journal, June 7, 2006 (paid subscription required)

Researchers at Harvard University said they are beginning experiments to clone human embryos for making stem cells, a move that lends clout to renewed U.S. efforts to master the technology. The announcement marked the culmination of lengthy preparations designed to keep the effort within the ethical and legal boundaries of what is considered to be one of the most controversial areas of medical research. It is illegal to use federal money for research in which human embryos are harmed. Harvard says its effort will be privately funded.

"Stanford's New Look MBA"

BusinessWeek, June 6, 2006

In a move that could be a clue to what the future of management education might look like, Stanford University's Graduate School of Business, is announcing a major reconstruction of its highly rated MBA program... The new curriculum, to be implemented in the fall of 2007, introduces two ideas that are uncharacteristic of the MBA world: flexibility and customization.

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The Case Western Reserve University Athletic Department will host the third annual Spartan Open on June 12 at Fowlers Mill Golf Course in Chesterland, Ohio. Call 368-2420 for more information, to sign up, or to be mailed a postcard, or go to

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Fiscal year 2006 is rapidly drawing to a close. To assist departments in dealing with this process, the Controller's Office has mailed out a schedule of cutoff dates and instructions for the year-end closing process. A copy of this document may also be found on the Controller’s Office Web page at

The Faculty Diversity Officer is conducting an IRB-approved research study with faculty exit interviews via an anonymous online survey. The participation of appropriate administrators and/or department assistants in all departments and divisions is being requested in two ways: first, that all departing faculty members are informed that they will receive an e-mail request to complete the Faculty Exit survey from the Faculty Diversity Officer; and secondly that Form #5 -- Notification of Faculty Termination -- is submitted to the faculty diversity officer. The completed PDF writable form may be e-mailed to or submitted as a hard copy to: Beth McGee, Faculty Diversity Officer, Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity, Adelbert Hall 310, LC: 7048. Form #5 is available online at Please contact diversity specialist, or at 368-8874, with any questions.

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This section will only be updated occasionally during the summer. For general university information please visit the "Campus News" section.

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This section will be updated soon.

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Amasa Ford, professor emeritus in the department of epidemiology and biostatistics, and John Kennell, professor emeritus of pediatrics at the School of Medicine and Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, were recently announced as the 2006 winners of the university's Frank and Dorothy Humel Hovorka Prize.