Type of Incident: Aggravated Robbery
Location of Incident: RTA 120th St. Station (off Campus)
Date of Incident: Wednesday, July 5, 2006
Time of Incident: 3:35 p.m.

Incident Description: A Cleveland Institute of Art student was robbed at gunpoint as he was getting off the train at the RTA station. Read the complete alert online at


Case Western Reserve University's honorary degree committee invites the campus community to offer nominations of honorary degree candidates to be recognized at commencement ceremonies in May 2007. For more details go to
for_honorary_ degree_recipients

It was recently announced that Matthew Englander was hired as the Spartans new head baseball coach. Englander, a 1998 graduate of Solon High School where he was the Western Reserve Conference Player of the Year his senior year, will begin work immediately. He was previously an assistant baseball coach at the College of Wooster.


"Lessons learned?"

The Plain Dealer (op-ed), July 7, 2006

Give Frank Linsalata credit for this much: The chairman of Case Western Reserve University's Board of Trustees appears committed to learning from the past. Nearly every public step Linsalata has taken since Edward Hundert resigned Case's presidency has signaled recognition that previous practices didn't work. What's more, Linsalata has shown a refreshing willingness to change.

"Interim dean appointed for Case's Arts and Sciences College"

Crain's Cleveland Business, July 6, 2006

Cyrus Taylor, a strong supporter of the no-confidence vote in former Case President Dr. Edward Hundert, has been named the new interim dean of Case's College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Taylor replaces Mark Turner, who resigned July 1 to pursue research and teaching. Dr. Taylor will assume his duties immediately while continuing to serve as the chairman of physics at Case.

"History-religion prof to lead Case's ethics center"

Crain's Cleveland Business, July 6, 2006

Case Western Reserve University history and religion professor William Deal has been named the first director of the university's new Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence. Dr. Deal was chosen to head the center after an international search by Case and Kazuo Inamori, who is the founder of Japan's Inamori Foundation and founder and chairman emeritus of electronics company Kyocera Corp. of Kyoto, Japan. The center was formed last year with a $10 million gift from the Inamori Foundation.

"Gaza raid a 'message' to Hamas, says Case professor"

Cleveland Jewish News, July 6, 2006

Israel's incursion into Gaza early Wednesday morning destroyed bridges and knocked out electricity, all in the name of rescuing kidnapped Israeli soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit. Native Israeli Amos Guiora is not surprised by the swiftness of Israel's response. While Guiora hoped military action would be used as a last resort, Israel's initial incursion into Gaza is more an "exercise in caution" than an act of war, he says. "They have not sent in the cavalry," adds Guiora, a professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law and director of its Institute for Global Security Law & Policy.

"Ancient doulas were ladies' childbirth servants; today, doulas are part of women's 'birth teams'"

Contra Costa Times, July 7, 2006

A decade ago, only scholars of ancient Greece had heard of doulas, trusted female servants who assisted the lady of the house through childbirth. But what's old is new again. Today's pregnant women may not have servants, but they rely on an entire retinue of "birth team" advisers, from lactation specialists and hypnobirthing coaches to doulas such as Danville's Deanna Jesus. Clinical studies have found that doula-assisted deliveries resulted in shortened labors, fewer complications and lower cesarean rates, at a time when more than a quarter of all pregnancies end in surgical intervention. A study by Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, for example, found that doula support reduced the need for surgery and provided an effective, risk-free and inexpensive pain relief alternative to epidurals.

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"Bribery Attempts, the Unbearable Pushiness of Parents, and Other Admissions Tales"

Chronicle of Higher Education, July 7, 2006 (subscription required)

Although they are often overshadowed by the sheer intensity of the admissions process and constant news reports warning how difficult it is to get into top colleges, weird, funny, poignant, and even appalling events are also part of the college-search process. Liz H. Woyczynski, director of undergraduate admissions at Case Western Reserve University, tells of an applicant to a program that guarantees admission to the university's medical school. During an all-day open house, he pulled a deck of cards out of his jacket pocket and did magic tricks every time he met a new member of the admissions staff. "He was hoping to make a memorable impression on us, but it was over the top, especially since we had already gotten his 45-page résumé with a three-page table of contents," says Ms. Woyczynski. The young man was admitted to the university, but not to the special program.

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The School of Medicine and the Department of Genetics presents Yosef Shiloh from Tel-Aviv University speaking on "ATM: The Art of Maintaining Genome Integrity" today at 1 p.m. in room 105 of the BRB. For more information contact

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Emily Caldes recently joined the university community as a research assistant with the psychiatry department.

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Ishan Roy, a third-year chemistry student, was one of only two Americans recently invited to attend the 2006 Lindau Nobel Prize Laureates Conference in Germany. The conference was an opportunity for students to meet some of the world's top chemists.