Learn how the university invests its money by attending the third session on Budget and Financial Management at Case 101 from noon to 1 p.m. (during the Provost's Hour) on December 7 in the Bingham Building, Room 103. At this final session, the senior administrators responsible for financial management and investments will present an overview of the balance sheet and explain the basics of endowments, debt and working capital. There are no prerequisites. The series is open to the entire campus. Please feel free to bring a lunch. Questions from the audience will be encouraged.


The M.D./Ph.D. program, along with the City Mission, is sponsoring a Christmas toy drive now through December 12. New, unwrapped toys for girls and boys in grades 1-6 are needed. Drop off boxes are located in the Biomedical Research Building (BRB), Wolstein Hall and the School of Medicine. For more information, send an e-mail to, or

Save the date: March 17 from 8 p.m. until midnight, the university community is invited to a Faculty and Staff Scholarship Gala in Thwing Center. The affair will be black-tie optional, and proceeds from ticket sales and other fundraising efforts will be used for two scholarships funds; one for Cleveland-area students and the other for the Case Staff Educational Enhancement Fund. Invitations are forthcoming. Event Cochairs are Susan Hinze, Kathryn Howard and Patricia Princehouse.

On December 4, Case Western Reserve University School of Law's "Grotian Moment" blog at, became the first place in the world for the public to review the English translation of the 200-page opinion issued by the Iraqi High Tribunal in the Dujail Trial, the first case against Saddam Hussein. The opinion is now available at During the next few days, Case's Saddam Trial Expert Panel will be posting several new essays analyzing and analyzing the Dujail Opinion. Earlier this year, the award-winning "Grotian Moment" Web site was also the first to post the documents and exhibits admitted into evidence during the trial.


Revamp of brain 'could slow CJD'

BBC News Online, December 4, 2006

Tests in mice with scrapie--a disease similar to CJD in humans and BSE in cattle--showed the life-extending treatment works. The method used by the German team involves molecules called special RNAs (siRNAs), Journal of Clinical Investigation reports. These shut down the production of proteins that go awry in prion disease. Qingzhong Kong, an expert in prion diseases at the Case Western Reserve University in the United States, said: "Much more research is needed before RNA interference can be harnessed to treat prion disease."

Theoreticians ponder why we exist: Scientists debate how anthropic reasoning predicts cosmological constant, December 4, 2006

The emergence of humans in the universe might not tell us anything concerning the fundamental constants of nature as scientists have speculated, new theoretical findings argue. The idea known as the anthropic principle states that human existence is possible only if fundamental constants such as the speed of light or the strength of gravity are not higher or lower than what is observed. However, theoretical physicist Glenn Starkman of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and cosmologist Roberto Trotta at Oxford University in England take issue with how anthropic reasoning predicts the cosmological constant.

Cities see death knell ringing on 'home rule'

The Plain Dealer, December 4, 2006

This year alone, the legislature has passed at least three bills that vaporized local laws in Cleveland and elsewhere. Another such bill is pending in the Senate. The way the legislature sees it, the so-called "home rule" provision of the Ohio Constitution--which lets cities pass local laws--is barely worth the paper on which it is printed. In passing bills encroaching on home rule, the legislature deems these items to be of statewide concern, which is reason enough to bypass the local power rule, said Case Western Reserve University law professor Jonathan Entin.

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Supreme Court Weighs Use of Race in K-12

Inside Higher Ed, December 5, 2006

When the U.S. Supreme Court agreed in June to hear two cases about the use of race as a factor in elementary and secondary public school assignments, many in higher education were understandably intrigued. After all, this would be the first chance to listen to the newly configured--and more conservative--court consider the role of affirmative action in education.

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Flora Stone Mather Center for Women is hosting a discussion about the video Tough Guise, featuring Jackson Katz and directed by Sut Jhally. The video is part of the White Ribbon Campaign: Men Working to End Men's Violence Against Women. Stop by the center now through December 6 to receive a white ribbon in support of this effort.

The Weatherhead School of Management will host Sandy Black, associate professor of economics, UCLA, as an ADVANCE Distinguished Lecturer. Black will hold a public address regarding "Why Family Matters? The Role of Family Background on Educational Attainment and Earnings." Lecture takes place from 4:30-6 p.m. Wednesday, December 6, in the Peter B. Lewis Building, Room 103. A reception will follow the lecture.

The Physics Colloquium Series presents Dmitri Tymoczko of Princeton University, who will discuss how music theorists encounter structures familiar from physics: symmetry groups, eigenvectors, gravitational fields, and more at 4:15 p.m., December 7, at Rockefeller Hall, Room 301. Free. Details:

Tickets are still available for the annual David A. Bowers Economic Forecast Luncheon sponsored in part by the Weatherhead School of Management from 11 a.m. to 1:45 p.m., December 8, at the Marriott at Key Center, 127 Public Square. Sam Thomas, senior lecturer at the Weatherhead School, will offer his best guesstimate of the region's and the country's economic future. Registration required. For ticket prices and additional details, go to
, or call 368-3247.

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Procurement and Distribution Services will implement ACH/Direct Deposit for all employees beginning today, December 5. In order to expedite the reimbursement process, travel related reimbursements will be deposited directly into the banking account choice selected through HCM. These deposits will be transferred within five business days of receipt of completed travel reimbursement information by Accounts Payable. Reimbursements will be deposited into the banking account of choice selected by the user. For implementation, this has been defaulted to the employee's primary banking relationship specified within HCM. Please be sure to check banking preferences within HCM and make adjustments as necessary.

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Integrative Group Presentations by students from SAGES FSNA 105, fall 2006, are scheduled to take place between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., December 9, at the Peter B. Lewis Building, Room 202. Eight groups of students will present a range of projects that integrate theoretical concepts of socioecological framework and their research on a particular area/issue, and transfer their learning into the practical world through action plans to address different levels of concern in the Northeast Ohio region.

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Bushan Purushothaman recently joined the university as a research associate in the chemical engineering department.

Huong Pham recently joined the university as a lab technician in the pathology department.

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Kudos to Jerold Goldberg, Avishai Sadan and Nabil Bissada, professors at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, for helping put on a symposium in Jerusalem that drew both Palestinian and Israeli dental academics.