As part of the university's commitment to the development of women leaders at the university, Deputy Provost Lynn Singer is accepting applications for financial support for attendance at the 2007 Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration. The institute will be held June 23 through July 18. The deadline to apply for Case financial support is January 19, while the deadline for applications to Bryn Mawr is March 1. Submit applications for funding by January 19 to Associate Provost Kathryn Karipides, Office of the Provost, 216 Adelbert Hall, LC: 7001. Detailed information about the program is available at

There is still time to make financial contributions for the year 2006 to major campaigns benefiting the university and Greater Cleveland. For more information about the Annual Fund, go to For details about Charity Choice, go to

If decorating for the holidays, please do so with safety in mind. Case's Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety recommends that you review the suggested holiday safety reminders, which are online at For additional details, call 368-2907.

The Direct Talk voicemail system will be taken out of service at the end of January 2007. All faculty, staff and students who are still using the Direct Talk voicemail system need to move to the new Unified Messaging system. Those who dial 368-1222 to retrieve messages are still using the old voicemail system. Visit the Unified Messaging Web page at for more information.


Research knows no holiday

Columbus Dispatch, December 19, 2006

Many scientists who work at academic centers must squeeze their field research into a couple of months during the summer and several weeks between the end of fall classes and the beginning of winter classes. That often means working through Christmas and New Year's, and leaving loved ones behind for work. Ralph Harvey, a geologist at Case Western Reserve University, has spent 16 Christmases in Antarctica, scouring the continent for meteorites.

A moral test for fighting terror

Baltimore Sun, December 19, 2006
Op-ed by Amos Guiora, director of the Institute for Global Security Law and Policy at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

Last week, the Israel Supreme Court rendered one of its most anticipated and important judicial rulings with respect to counterterrorism fighting terrorism. The case concerns Israel's policy of preventive strikes against known terrorists in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Starting in February 2000, with the beginning of the second intifada, Israel's policy of "targeted killings" resulted in the deaths of close to 300 known terrorists through the end of 2005. However, more than 30 attempts failed during that time, and approximately 150 civilians were killed. Hundreds of other civilians were wounded.

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Short-term reprieve for affirmative action

Inside Higher Ed, December 20, 2006

Three Michigan universities on Tuesday won the right to keep their current admissions and financial aid policies -- the affirmative action portions of which could have been illegal in the state by the end of the week -- until July 1. But long term, the ability of colleges to challenge the ban on affirmative action remained uncertain, with some advocates saying that the day's developments strengthened efforts to do so, and others saying just the opposite.

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To find out what's happening on campus and in the area today, refer to and

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From January 1 to July 1, 2007, Case's Office of Equal Opportunity specialist Jeanette Thomas will be the contact person for information regarding faculty Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations and questions. Thomas is located in 310 Adelbert Hall. She can be reached at 368-8877, or via e-mail at

Monday and Tuesday, December 25 and 26, were previously scheduled paid university holidays. The university leadership has decided to add another holiday Friday, December 29. Employees who have scheduled or will be scheduling vacation days during the holiday season will be paid for the holidays even though they may be taking vacation time during the week in which the paid holidays fall. Therefore, if your supervisor approves your vacation request, you will be paid for the vacation and holidays during this period. Employees away from work on an unpaid status are not eligible to receive holiday pay. If you have questions, please contact Employee Relations at 368-0195 or refer to the University Closings for Holidays and Other Events policy and procedure (policy numbers II-13, 13a), for additional information.

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Today is the last day of final exams. The spring semester begins January 16, 2007.

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Catherine Kraft recently joined the university as a research associate in the physiology and biophysics department.

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Case Western Reserve University linebacker Tom Brew was recently named as a third-team Division III All-American by, a popular Division III Web site.