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Case Daily - February 26, 2010

For the second year, Case Western Reserve University has been named to the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Case Daily - February 25, 2010

Case Western Reserve University will be an essential partner in a new medical education pipeline created and supported by the Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation.

Case Daily - February 24, 2010

The Reinberger Foundation and Case Western Reserve University share a common mission to improve lives through education, arts and community development.

Case Daily - February 23, 2010

Nicola Lacetera, assistant professor of economics at the university's Weatherhead School of Management, notes that about 38 percent of Americans are eligible to donate blood and only about 8 percent do. Many of those who donate a first time don't donate again, and there are some population segments which very rarely give blood. Lacetera's research team is planning extensive data analysis involving over 14,000 blood drives in northern Ohio to assess whether the provision of incentives boosts donations.

Case Daily - February 22, 2010

Following the Board of Trustees meeting this weekend, Chairman Charles "Bud" Koch announced more than $6 million in new leadership gifts from five trustees. While individual donors have chosen to remain anonymous, the impact of their collective philanthropy on student, faculty and programmatic support will be evident on campus for generations to come.

Case Daily - February 19, 2010

Case Western Reserve University is positioning itself as a leader in the field of health information technology (HIT). The university recently collaborated with several regional hospitals, community colleges and other partners to apply for millions of dollars in grants that could set an example for how HIT-related education and infrastructure is established in Northeast Ohio and around the country.

Case Daily - February 18, 2010

Katie Couric, anchor and managing editor of the "CBS Evening News with Katie Couric" and correspondent for "60 Minutes," will be front and center on Sunday, May 16, to deliver the keynote Commencement Convocation address to approximately 1,750 graduates in Case Western Reserve University's Class of 2010.

Case Daily - February 17, 2010

Ardiem Medical Inc. has obtained a non-exclusive license to make and sell neuromodulation devices based on intellectual property developed at Case Western Reserve University's Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Center in Cleveland.

Case Daily - February 16, 2010

Case Western Reserve University researchers who made a new material called aerogel believe it will effectively clean up spills of all kinds of oils and solvents on factory floors and roadways, rivers and oceans.

Case Daily - February 15, 2010

Reporting in Nature Cell Biology, researchers describe the discovery of a specific protein called disabled-2 (Dab2) that switches on the process that releases cancer cells from the original tumor and allows the cells to spread and develop into new tumors in other parts of the body.

Case Daily - February 12, 2010

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton stood at the front of the bus as it pulled away from Case Western Reserve University's campus. He began an inspiring tour for a busload of leaders from across Cleveland, sharing the city's assets, as well as his hopes and plans for economic, physical, and community revitalization. The event was sponsored by CWRU's Social Justice Alliance and Institute, a newly launched university-wide strategic initiative, whose debut collaborative project focuses on East Cleveland.

Case Daily - February 11, 2010

In Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It, this year's selection for the Common Reading Program, environmental journalist Elizabeth Royte explores the staggering popularity of bottled water, the multi-billion-dollar industry that supports it and the building backlash against it.

Case Daily - February 10, 2010

A recently published study from Case Western Reserve University's Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences found 245 older married women who survived cancer had more health problems compared to 245 married women without cancer.

Case Daily - February 09, 2010

The Temporary and Back-up Child Care Program—along with the Child Care Support During Travel Program—are two pilot projects that emerged from the work of the President's Committee on Child Care Options. The programs are up and running.

Case Daily - February 08, 2010

Campus Community Encouraged to Complete Community Service Survey Are you a volunteer? Whether it's tutoring a child in math,...

Case Daily - February 05, 2010

Case Western Reserve University has received a $250,000 challenge grant from Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. through The Johnson & Johnson Corporate Office of Science and Technology (COSAT), and its affiliates. The university will utilize this research grant to support science, medicine and engineering projects to improve human health.

Case Daily - February 04, 2010

The university's 2008-09 annual report celebrates how Case Western Reserve University thinks beyond the possible. The interactive, web-based report features a collection of videos and slideshows that showcase the university's diverse innovations and achievements. From creating futuristic materials to identifying new neurological pathways to promoting sustainable business practices, our faculty, students, staff and alumni have inspiring stories to tell.

Case Daily - February 03, 2010

Treu-Mart Fellows Give Back to Community Editor's note: The Treu-Mart Youth Development Fellowship provides support and professional development for...

Case Daily - February 02, 2010

Basketball is among topics Henry Petroski tackles from an engineer's perspective on the design of products and ideas. Petroski will address these issues during his free public talk, "Engineering and Civilization: Bridges, Infrastructure and Sources of Success and Failure," on Wednesday, March 24, at 5:30 p.m. in Severance Hall.

Case Daily - February 01, 2010

Case Western Reserve University and Western Reserve Historical Society have joined forces to collaborate on a number of library and archival projects to build and enrich the offerings at the two institutions.