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The Daily - June 30, 2010

Henry Adams, American art historian at Case Western Reserve University, was recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Cleveland Arts Prize.

The Daily - June 29, 2010

In winning their second straight Institute on Navigation’s Autonomous Robotic Lawnmower Competition, Team CWRU Cut's robot edged along an L-shaped fence, and slowed up then mowed around a moving stuffed dog.

The Daily - June 28, 2010

Two women who are passionate about helping young people, communities in need and arts organizations received the 2010 John A Yankey Student Community Service Award from the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations.

The Daily - June 25, 2010

Case Western Reserve University’s imaging research program has received a regional economic development prize for supporting the creation of the medical imaging business cluster in Northeast Ohio.

The Daily - June 24, 2010

Case Western Reserve University's proposed student-run Saturday Free Clinic, slated to open in 2011 for Cleveland's underserved population, will provide the training grounds for future doctors and nurses to learn to work as healthcare partners for the patient. The Clinic would be a student-led partnership with the already existing resource for the community, the Cleveland Free Clinic. The clinic is part of a project called "Interprofessional Learning Exchange and Development Program" (I-LEAD) at Case Western Reserve University's School of Medicine and Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing that received a $640,000 grant from the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation.

The Daily - June 23, 2010

The famous hominid fossil Lucy has family. An announcement Monday in the early online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) says the relative -- although 400,000 years older -- was, like Lucy, an advanced upright walker. Three Case Western Reserve University researchers: Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Bruce Latimer and Beverly Saylor, were among an international team of scientists who reported the most complete skeleton so far of a 3.6 million-year-old Lucy species, Australopithecus afarensis.

The Daily - June 22, 2010

Case Western Reserve is one of only 25 colleges and universities nationwide still hosting the NYSP program, down from 202. When the university’s NYSP chapter lost federal funding in 2006, community supporters rallied together to keep the program operational. This summer, nearly 560 youths between the ages of 10 and 16 are participating.

The Daily - June 21, 2010

When studying the creative process involved in historical scientific discoveries, historians of science, like Case Western Reserve University's Alan Rocke, need to employ methods of more distant inference—the very same principle that German chemist August Kekulé experienced to imagine and detail the architectural structure of chemical molecules. In the process, Kekulé changed the field of chemistry, and all of science.

The Daily - June 18, 2010

Six Staff Members Mark 35 Years of Service Staff members celebrating 35 years at Case Western ReservePhoto: Eric Benson Photography...

The Daily - June 17, 2010

Nursing School Human Resources Manager Receives President's Award for Distinguished Service President Barbara R. Snyder and Kathleen O'LinnPhoto: Dan Milner...

The Daily - June 16, 2010

Mandel School IT Director Receives President's Award for Distinguished Service Carmelo "Tom" Franchina, director of information technology at the Mandel...

The Daily - June 15, 2010

Social Worker Receives President's Award for Distinguished Service Jane Daroff, a social worker with University Counseling Services, has touched the...

The Daily - June 14, 2010

At nine minutes after midnight on June 12, the 111 States that are party to the International Criminal Court Statute adopted by consensus, in Kampala, Uganda, an amendment adding the crime of aggression to the court’s jurisdiction. Case Western Reserve University School of Law Michael P. Scharf, director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law, characterizes this amendment as "a historic moment that was years in the making."

The Daily - June 11, 2010

It takes hundreds of volunteers and help from University Circle institutions to make the annual event a day to remember, including the Case Western Reserve community.

The Daily - June 10, 2010

Fulbright Scholar to Use Play Measures Developed at CWRU to Help Ukrainian Orphans Megan Ritchey Children and workers in Ukrainian...

The Daily - June 09, 2010

Global Security Expert, Health Care Leader Are New Appointees to Case Western Reserve Board of Trustees Michael G. Cherkasky (left)...

The Daily - June 08, 2010

May L. Wykle, dean of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, plans to step down after a decade of leadership. She will give greater attention to her research and teaching endeavors.

The Daily - June 07, 2010

Optical science pioneer and Case Western Reserve University Trustee James C. Wyant, PhD, has made a $4 million commitment to name a new field house on campus. The "Wyant Field House" will be a new addition to the North Campus Residential Village.

The Daily - June 04, 2010

A $33.5 million commitment by Philips Healthcare and a $5 million Third Frontier grant from the state of Ohio will provide researchers at Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, and Philips an opportunity to create medical imaging systems that will detect disease far earlier and be safer for patients than current methods.

The Daily - June 03, 2010

Staff Advisory Council Marks 20 Years at Case Western Reserve University President Barbara R. Snyder (right) joined SAC members for...

The Daily - June 02, 2010

The quiet actions of unsung heroes from the rainforest in Guatemala to the city streets of Harlem will be celebrated during the 2010 International Year of the Nurse in the new book, Giving through Teaching: How Nurse Educators are Changing the World.

The Daily - June 01, 2010

A group of friends from Case Western Reserve and Cleveland Institute of Art recently painted the Spirit Wall behind Thwing Center with a heartfelt message to LeBron James.