CWRU Students Travel to Laos Over Winter Break for Mission Trip

Unfinished school

Eight Case Western Reserve Students will travel to Laos to
help put up the walls and fix the roof of this school.

It almost sounds like an episode of Amazing Race as Rev. Donna Hughes from United Protestant Campus Ministries of Cleveland and eight Case Western Reserve University students hop from country to country to reach their winter break destination: a small rural village in Laos. The group will put up the walls and fix the roof of a school in Luang Prabang as part of a mission trip.

The travelers are Hughes, Louisa Armstrong, Michael Baldonieri, Lea Cross, Anna Czekaj, Colin Downey, Hannah Clair Tkindt, Colleen Hosler and Michael Lyrenman.

The mission work aids a school that educates local villagers in small engine repairs, English as a Second Language and mushroom farming, a profitable crop that can support an entire village, Hughes said. Read more.

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In November, the university approved the following departmental changes: The Department of Communication Sciences merged with the Department of Psychology, to be renamed the Department of Psychological Sciences. Additionally, the board voted to split the Department of Theater and Dance into two separate departments and also to establish the new degrees of Master of Science in Medical Physiology, Master of Science in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics and Doctor of Philosophy in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics in the School of Medicine.

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The Center for Genetic Research Ethics and Law (CGREAL) announces its 2011 seed grant program, open to all Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic faculty interested in developing research projects on ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) in the design and conduct of human genetic research, the translation of research results into clinical medicine, public health and health policy needs related to genetics. These grants are designed to support exploratory efforts toward the development of larger scholarly projects or lines of research related to CGREAL’s mission. The evaluation will focus on the potential for expanding and enriching perspectives brought to genetic research ethics and law at CGREAL and evidence of interdisciplinary collaboration. Preference will be given to projects that are likely to foster further research that could attract outside support.

Requests may be made for up to $5,000 per year. Funds may not be used for faculty salary support. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and the first round of projects likely will be funded in January 2011. To apply, send a statement of project goals, resource needs and a preliminary project timeline to Richard Sharp, 216.445.1257, or Patricia Marshall, 216.368.2502. Contact Sharp or Marshall for questions.

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Alumni Nursing Event
The nursing school's alumni open house included BSN students
(from left) Tracy Ruska, Emily Friedlander, Amy Zoeckler and
Hannah Beers and alumnae (from left, seated) Rebecca Elliot
(NUR '52) and Patricia McDonald (NUR ’95, PhD).

Students from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and the Undergraduate Student Nurses Association hosted an Alumni Open House on Friday, Dec. 3, for local alumni and donors to thank them for their generosity.

Et al.

Arlene Dent
Arlene Dent

Arlene Dent, assistant professor of pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University, was one of seven people who earned a $10,000 research grant from BD Biosciences. Dent will use the research grant to better understand the differences and similarities between vaccine- and infection-induced immunity in children.

Dec. 20, 2010

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In the News

Justices Offer Receptive Ear to Business Interests

The New York Times, Dec. 19, 2010
A recent study shows the percentage of business cases on the Supreme Court docket has grown in the years that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has been at the helm, as has the percentage of cases won by business interests. Jonathan Adler, professor of law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, took a look at the environmental cases tried by the Roberts court, though, and found no pro-business trend. “The Roberts court’s environmental decisions issued to date suggest neither a disposition toward business nor a hostility toward environmental regulation," Adler wrote in an article last year.

The Legal Process

Outsource, Dec. 15, 2010
Legal process outsourcing is becoming more and more popular for lower-level work, said Cassandra Burke Robertson, associate professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Though many are satisfied with the quality and cost of outsourcing, there are some risks, including confusion over the clients' needs and low levels of loyalty from employees to clients. 

Use Down Time to Upgrade Your Business

Newsday, Dec. 20, 2010
Though the economy is showing signs of improvement, the road to recovery is a long one, and small businesses should be "cautious about hiring and investment," warns Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies at Case Western Reserve University. Shane predicts the recovery for small businesses will be "weak at best."

Higher Ed News

Deferred Again: Senate Vote is Latest Setback for 'Dream Act'

The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec. 18, 2010
Over the weekend, the Senate failed for the second time in three months to pass the Dream Act, which would have allowed children brought to the U.S. illegally to earn legal status by attending college or joining the military.