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May 27, 2009

CASE Stories Project Continues with Dr. Jane Kessler, Ph.D.

Dr. Jane W. Kessler, Ph.D., Lucy Adams Leffingwell Professor Emerita of Psychology at Case Western Reserve University, was the founder and director of the Mental Development Center (MDC) from 1954-1979. An early advocate of reform in the diagnosis and treatment of mental retardation in children, Dr. Kessler was at the forefront of the revolution that would overtake that field in the 1960’s. In addition to her groundbreaking work in Child Psychology, she effectively managed change in administering the MDC, in her years teaching child development with Dr. Benjamin Spock, and as Chair of the Faculty Senate tasked with continuing unification of the post-federation University. These topics and more are explored as she shares her CASE Story with our listeners.

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