September 07, 2011

Public Health and Biomedical Science WANTS YOU!!

The Department of Health and Human Services has devised a plan to end racial and ethnic disparities throughout the United States. The new plan will focus on recruiting undergraduates from underserved communities and steer them towards a careers in public health and biomedical science.

The strategy tackles a long-acknowledged and persistent problem in the U.S. healthcare system: racial and ethnic minorities are more likely than whites to experience poorer quality care; more likely to suffer from serious illnesses, such as diabetes or heart disease; and less likely to get preventive care.

This plan was created due to many factors. One being the racial and ethnic disparities within the workforce in these sectors. This approach is to attempt to diminish these disparities by creating grounds for all to become apart of the ever growing field of public health and biomedical sciences and be able to relate to the populations in which the racial and ethnic occur and provide better care while doing so.

See article below for further details.

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