October 06, 2011

To Eat a Peep or Not Eat a Peep? That is the Question.....

This question may not be an issue for everyone but it can be problem for those who consider themselves vegetarian, vegan, kosher or on halal diets. It has been found that Peeps marshmallow candies contain a pork-derived gelatin ingredient that is listed on the website of the Peeps manufactures but the average consumer may not recognize this just by reading the food label on the package.

A recent article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer discusses with MetroHealth Medical Center dietitian Janeen Leon on how labels on food products may not list all the ingredients that are contained within certain foods. When labeling, some manufactures use "hidden" terms/phrases such as "dietary fiber", "may contain soy" or "natural flavorings" to describe ingredients that may affect someone's choice in purchasing or consuming these products.

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