Capstone Experience 1

The capstone experience for me took place in CMSD screening Kindergartners and 3rd graders. As a senior I participated in every process of screening including preparing for the actual screening and as well as visiting schools before screening day to talk to school faculty and set things up.
One day, I went to visit a school to talk to school faculty and set things up. Usually, they already know about the protocols and what we expect from them to have the screening process go flawlessly because the team communicates with the schools via e-mails. However, in this one school, due to technical problem, faculty did not really understand what we needed. It actually made the preparing process a little bit challenging but through working with that school to prepare for the screening, I really felt strong about getting such an experience. Once we graduate, we will have to face the unexpected to work our way through our profession and career and having such an experience during education only enhances and makes you stronger.


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