Capstone Experience 2

Capstone provided many valuable experiences throughout the semeseter. One memory that I have is the day we trained juniors and other under classmates as senior leaders. I personally did not have much experience in leadership roles and it I remember feeling almost awkward being in the position to 'teach' and 'lead.' The first training day, we trained junior students about the protocols in screening. The fact that I had to stand up and speak in front of so many students who are only one academic year behind us made me so nervous. My hands and voices were literally shaking. I remember trying so hard to hide it and trying to look confident in front of them.
Throughout the semester and capstone experience where I took various leadership roles and I feel I have successfully progressed but the first day of training, I just wanted to make a note that it was a nerve breaking experience. However, it was a valuable experience and I feel confident that if I ever have to teach people again, I sure will be able to present myself with more confidence.


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