I Need My Question!

So I met with my advisor, Dr. Cullis, about my senior project during the week that we did not have class. He spoke to me about two different possible projects that he thinks might be good for me to work on, including the one I am working on now.

The first involves something he is working on relating to the Biology class he teaches involving a plant from Africa, and looking at its genetic makeup and relating that to its ability to flourish in certain areas.

The second involves mapping of the Flax seed genome sequence. Which I am helping Dr. Cullis going through different samples taken years ago and running gels to determine how much DNA is present to determine which samples are best to undergo experimentation.

I am working hard with him to try and get a question formulated, he is just so busy since he has many graduate students under him and he teaches so many classes. I feel bad I was unable to turn in my question on Monday, but I do know when I turn one in, it will be complete and well thought out.

But other than the stress of getting my question together, things in the lab are going good.


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