Question Time!

I finally got my question together with Professor Cullis and I am really excited to finally know what I will be doing. I have to say I am really happy about this project not only because it is interesting but because it will allow me to explore techniques that, despite previous experience in the lab, I have never undertaken before. So now I can start going through the 7 articles given to me...LOL that should be fun. I have already been thorough some, and so far everything I have read has been helpful.

Here is my question:

Many plant genomes have been sequenced recently, and this project will involve working towards sequencing parts of the flax seen genome by fractionating the total nuclear DNA (flax genome) in order to determine the organization of the genome and how the genes in the flax are related to genes in other plants. In essence, two questions will be asked and answered in this project:

1. What is the characterization of the interspersion pattern of flax DNA? Interspersion refers to how repeated and low copy number sequences are arranged relative to one another
2.Are there recognizable retrotransposable elements in the flax genome?


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