Starting the outline

Working on the annotated bibliography allowed me to fully dive into the readings and try to not only determine why they are significant, but also how they relate to my research. Some of the papers have proved more difficult to muddle through than others.

Sometimes I found it difficult to get through the theory, I am only really familiar with the basics of DNA and genome research and theory. I have learned a lot however through the readings and my advisor was instrumental in helping me understand the key concepts.

Being able to connect what I was reading with my research was the key in understanding why I was given the paper and how it could help me write my grant proposal.

Meeting with my advisor, I have a got a better idea of how I am going to carry out my experiment, which involves classifying how much DNA is present in each sample prepared throughout the years and working to purify them, so they in turn can later on be sequenced.

Here is a rough draft of procedure:

Preparing samples for a gel electrophoresis to determine quantity of DNA present.

Looking at the most concentrated samples and purifying them to get rid of excess RNA etc

Running another gel to determine if sample has been successfully purified

Doing PCR to determine contents

Start over with new samples about 50 each time

More detail of course will be added but this is the very rough stuff to prepare for the outline.


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