So I’m working on my outline and I want to brainstorm some information that I will include in my introduction for the outline due monday.

--define genome
--define DNA sequence, what is it? how does it work? etc.
--Talk about complete sequences already mapped and how long they took
--Why is flax unique, what are the interesting properties
--Technology used to sequence genome
--How has this technology changed in the past years
--How this has changed what kind of questions can be asked in research

These are some ideas that I will add to my outline. Hopefully it will be enough for a well-thought out introduction.


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Posted by: Jean-Paul
Posted on: April 4, 2008 12:07 PM

Bonjour Christina,
First time I go on a blog... because of flax. My job is breeding that plant in France, and I met a long time ago Mr Cullis (10/15 years?).
"Interresting properties" of flax? We can discuss on that if you wish.
From my side I work a lot on yield of fiber, and this fiber is very special (nearly no lignins and of a special G/S ratio). All the genes linek to the fiber composition are of great importance and few european teams (and at tha minimum a canadian one) are working on. Nothing realy published yet, but hope that will come.
In july there will be a meeting in Saskatoon, not so far from you. Could be a good opportunity to meet.

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