My rough draft is complete, all turned in but there is a lot I want to work on and fix.
It seems from my feedback, I need to relay more specifically the significance that sequencing the flax genome will have on the future of not only genomics in general. I want to emphasize the following:
-Studying that plant more closely and future implications that genetically modified (gm) flax crops could have in the future.
-A genetic sequence will allow us to see what makes up the genome and allow us to compare that genome with other sequenced plants, as well as allow us to discover if the flax genome really is as unique as we think it is, i.e.. does it really have low copy number sequences as we predicted
-Also this sequenced genome will allow us to see what makes makes flax oil polyunsaturated, i.e. study the composition and the implications of what makes it up with what it actually becomes, etc.
-Studying the genome will also allow us to get a better idea of how flax evolved, etc.

Just some ideas. Now to get them in my paper.


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