More to do...

Other things I need to fix in my proposal:

PCR- Polymerase Chain Reaction: allows millions of copies of a specific DNA sequence to be produced in usually two hours. It bypasses the need for the use of bacteria.

Nuclear DNA content: the DNA located in the nucleus

“Purified” DNA: Means DNA samples that do not contain any other materials labeled “Junk” such as RNA and any other substances not pertaining to direct genetic mapping ( I need to ask Dr. Cullis more about this)

Variation in the Termination step: A thermocycler is used to vary the temperature in the solution so the ddNTP can bind to the template strand at different points. Each point in the strand represents a “letter” in a genetic sequence. Different ddNTP’s bind at different temperatures, so varying the temperature, allows them to bind in many places, therefore reducing the number of DNA templates needed for a complete and successful sequencing reaction.

The electropharigram shows the different wavelengths of color detected by the photocell , the peaks are seen and each peak represents a different letter (ACGT)


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