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Participating Businesses

Many thanks to the following businesses and property owners that have shown interest in the storefront revitalization project. We hope to have interested students, artists, and community members assist them with painting, posters, and more.

Broadview Cleaners
Connie Ewazen
Helene Sroka
Jack Amburgey
Jim O'Donnell
Name Brand Paints
Maria's Beauty Salon
Michael Cottrell
Mike Dolan
Pearlview Barber Shop
Robin Hood's Resale Shop
Tom Pavlica
WSEM - Brookside

Project Updates: Old Brooklyn

Thank you Case Western Reserve University and the Center for Community Partnerships! We now have $1,000 to use toward our revitalization projects in Old Brooklyn and Brooklyn Centre.

Since receiving our grant in September 2008, we have fielded numerous inquiries from volunteers, artists, businesses, and residents who want to get involved. We will be updating this blog with project information and photos to keep you in the loop about what we'll be doing over the next several months.