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All About Cupcakes and Community Stuff

Last week, we said goodbye to the students at Michael R. White Elementary School who donated their time to help us create some fabulous art for our Case Cares About Cleveland project. As a special treat, we gave them some colorful icing and cupcakes and let them create some edible art they could enjoy.

Cupcake 1 | Cupcake 2 | Cupcake 3

After the cupcake party, I finally got a chance to collect my thoughts and put together some photos from our Saturday of Service event in Old Brooklyn. All I can say is wow everybody - thanks for a wonderful turnout!

We were blessed with warm sunny weather and 59 degrees in Cleveland that day. (It was hard to believe it came and went, then we were looking at snow the following week.) But more than three dozen community members stopped by, in addition to 15 Case students. Cleveland City Councilmen Brian Cummings and Kevin Kelley (a Case Law School graduate) both dropped by to help. It was great to have them there supporting our efforts.

In addition to hanging art, neighbors picked up trash and cleaned along the intersection of Pearl and Broadview Roads. The food was especially good and we made sure to highlight the flavors of Old Brooklyn. Marge Dambrowski made four dozen pierogis and Joey Pepperoni supplied the veggie and pepperoni breads. Anne Smith and Joe Christensen from Caroline Green's Catering donated bags of sweet popcorn and tasty wraps. My sister made all the desserts, and Connie Ewazen offered a donation toward the food fund.

We couldn't have done it without Jack Amburgey because the Gavin Lee Party Center was the perfect spot. We added some art to Name Brand Paints and Wholesale Furniture. Then we hung some art in storefronts owned by Tom Pavlica, Jim O'Donnell, Mike Cottrell, and Efty Simakis. We especially loved the hubcap art and the cake and pie artwork that now adorns the windows of Slices pastry shop. Many thanks to Carla Haas for finding that old wooden door that had been tossed in the trash and forgotten about. It made a perfect display for Carol Lade's watercolor art.

Thanks for taking a chance on our creativity everyone -- we hope our continued efforts will only get better!

And what can I say about the brilliant pieces on loan from Amy Kreiger? Each time we completed a window with Amy's art, we couldn't help but stand back and admire her awesome work.

All the artists and students really did so much for us, and we have several students planning to do more. For example, Case student Ben Meck will be working with Hal Esterwood, the owner of Mr. E's Inn on Pearl Road, to design a mural for the building. Plus, we have art teachers who are planning to work together on future projects, so stay tuned.

As for me, I plan to take a little time off and enjoy my spring and summer. I hope to see you around Old Brooklyn!