December 18, 2013

Spring 2014 Courses

The second course in the series, SYBB 422, will be offered in the Spring of 2014. This course will focus on informatics in public health, specifically covering drug surveillance, comparative effectiveness research, and personalized medicine.
Syllabi & fliers are available at our course website

September 14, 2013

Clinical Data Science

To begin our foray into the field of Clinical Data Science – i.e. the data science of clinical information – our students will start by acquiring a bit of domain expertise in their disease area, with the aim of identifying salient clinical problems that can be aided by data science. By identifying a disease-specific clinical dilemma, as well as the associated variables that need to be analyzed, the students will take the first step towards gleaning insight from large clinical datasets. Their thoughts will be appearing on the course website in the next few days:

September 13, 2013

SYBB 421 & SYBB 422

The course homepage for clinical informatics graduate education (courses SYBB 421 & SYBB 422) can be found at

Vishal N. Patel, MD PhD
Course Instructor